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The New Global 12 Player Group Cap and How It Affects The Housing Community

I don’t normally respond with any sort of outrage on threads. Sometimes it will be confusion. But this specific change was almost sweeped under the rug, and it’s outrageous that it has no explanation to it.

Housing tours being cut down to 12 people per group is going to be extremely limiting. The tours I attend always fill up with over 12 people, sometimes hitting the cap of 24 people and then any extras sometimes have to be given the “I’m sorry, it’s full” while some officers have to keep out and miss out on a social activity for the enjoyment of others. The only time my homes come close to hitting these player caps is during these tours and is the only time I generally get to show other people my work that I’ve worked so hard on, and value and look forward to that input. It’s usually my only opportunity to interact with other housers every week and see the fruits of my labors come to fruition.

I would like to demand, if there is a reason, why this change is a thing?

When asked what would be the requirements for raising certain caps in housing, we were told that you would have to lower one cap to raise another. (So to raise special collectibles, for instance, you’d have to lower slots for player capacity.) Now you’ve halved one without making it up to us in other ways. So where’s the extra 100 slots to compensate for this? And if this question is outrageous, then why should we accept the 12 group limit? I just want some communication.

Housing is already under-represented and ignored as it is. I want to enjoy new content but not like this...
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