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New houses same problems

I adore housing as much as the next person but it is getting annoying that we are getting bigger and bigger houses to furnish, such as the chapel and the aylied ruin but it always brings up the same problem that we can't furnish it to the fullest capacity.

Why give us big houses for them to look empty in some parts? I've seen people, including I, make large structures in Coldharbour and Moon-sugar meadow but they still feel empty. I know this is the typical "hurr give us more slots" but it is getting ridiculous that we are getting bigger and bigger houses to furnish but not enough slots to fill those houses in.
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  • LadySinflower
    I agree. Pantherfang Chapel is gorgeous but you could use the 700 slots in the chapel alone. You'd have nothing left to decorate the castle or grounds.
  • newtinmpls
    I'd like a small house with a small courtyard/yard in Murkmire.

    The manor is lovely, but too big to be workable. As noted above.
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  • TeruKisuke
    I agree. Pantherfang Chapel is gorgeous but you could use the 700 slots in the chapel alone. You'd have nothing left to decorate the castle or grounds.

    I’m not going to knock your choice, and I’m one of those people who think Notable homes should have 800 slots, but just out of curiosity, what are you looking to do in the chapel? It seemed to be a somewhat small room, just like a normal chapel, and it has a somewhat high ceiling, but the floor space is “cozy.” I don’t know how all 700 could be used in that small building, personally... At least, I don’t know what other people have planned. So I’m interested to see what designs people envision beyond “more slots!” I like getting into people’s headspaces so I’d appreciate the different point of view.
  • Radiance
    Have they ever given sound reasons for this limitation or should I just assume that it's to compel people to buy new homes to decorate?
  • Zypheran
    Radiance wrote: »
    Have they ever given sound reasons for this limitation or should I just assume that it's to compel people to buy new homes to decorate?

    To be fair they have given reasons that relate back to the variability in players systems and them wanting everyone to have the same experience, therefore they have to set the capacity limits at the levels of the lower systems. I say systems specifically because that could be EITHER older consoles or older PC's.
    They issue for me is not around accepting the 700 limit, its actually about all of the many many suggestions they have been given over the years to mitigate the impact of these limits but they just ignore them... eg.
    - smaller houses but kept at 700 items
    - being able to increase slots on small and medium houses
    - more clutter items linked together as single furniture items (imagine fully set tables or crating shelves filled with workshop items or doors and matching archways linked as a single item.... etc)
    - better items - think of all the items that we want and so many people create using multiple other items - windows, weapons racks, musical instruments, roofs, wooden stairs - all these items require dozens of sub-components all because ZOS refuse to listen to the requests for them to be added.
    - Separate instances for inside and outside on really big houses
    - larger furniture items (look at Bastion Sangui-whats-it , anything you put there looks lost. imagine how much easier it would be to decorate that with huge, filled bookshelves, or more massive tapestries, or other types of very large furniture items.
    - weighted item counts - does 100 plates impact performance the same as 100 interactable, animated, lit braziers??!!
    There are many more suggestions like this that has come from the community. I'm sure not all of them are either valid or a panacea but each or any would lessen the impact of the 700 restrictions and yet we have never gotten any feedback as to why these suggestions cant or wont be implemented
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  • Vehlir
    Yeah unfortunately I have to agree.

    I looked at that Pantherfang Chapel and while extraordinarily well made, the first thing I thought was "Yup I'd be able to decorate maybe HALF of that place before hitting cap." :D

    The Housing team as have almost the entire ZOS team have evolved so much and are doing their best work ever in regards to the quality of the designs & creativity of houses.

    I understand that Furnishing Caps for whatever reason cannot be increased. I don't doubt their sincerity in that and nor should anyone. They would stand to benefit more then any of us from increased furniture caps, they have no reason to lie.

    However with that being said they should design homes to more appropriately fit those Cap Limits instead of making increasingly larger homes that struggle with said limit.
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  • carly
    I think the devs are looking at it from the time period the game is set in which would be equivalent to our middle ages. Back then people didn't have a lot of furniture in their homes, not like we do today. Personally I viewed the chapel and fort furnished and they looked great and there is still room to add some personal touches. But I tend to be a minimalist so perhaps I"m not the best person to judge.
  • Araneae6537
    I agree with @Zypheran’s excellent suggestions, although I am not fond of furnishing categories as there is always at least one that I am not utilizing in a particular house and wish I could have the slots for another category. Weighted furnishings might be an answer, although I would hate to lose any capabilities, I know have, my forests of blooming ginko trees, etc. :sweat_smile:

    It is indeed baffling that we still aren’t getting weapon racks or indeed any weapon furnishings that I’ve seen and no musical instruments either. And the lack of structural items, especially in certain themes, including wooden stairs and a variety of roof pieces, is frustrating. But I am glad that more useable doors have been added!

    On the subject of clutter items, I do give props to ZOS for continually increasing these types of furnishings! :smile: I was impressed by the variety of bookshelves released last year, filled and not. And we continue to get more food and dinnerware items, although I’ve not seen any stocked cabinets / cupboards and these would be a great addition. Oh, and full shelves in older styles and clutter for a mages room with more book piles, scroll piles, etc. ... Lol, truly, I am grateful for the additions, but still we need more and post haste! :tongue:

    I would love to see a continued variety of property sizes. I don’t know if there have been new smaller homes and Kargenhome, for instance, has a wonderful size to item ratio in my opinion. I do still appreciate the larger homes and LOVE the new Ayleid ruin. Not every home will work for everyone nor all purposes. I am focusing on what I feel are larger impactful pieces and lighting, to maintain and enhance the feeling of austere but serene grandeur of the place. :relaxed:

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