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PvP furniture overhaul. Soldier "guests" and more.

I think we need a good new AP sink. And I have an amazing idea.

Soldier units, "guards" essentially for your house. Generic non talking guards to station on your property. Stationary living statues simple and clean no heavy coding needed.

3 units per faction. Soldier in heavy with sword and board, Conjurer and Cleric. Essentially the basic npcs you see guarding in cyrodil for resources

PVP Oriented.

PvE we can do similar ones. respecting vendors offering their content i.e. gold coast selling a Dark Brotherhood members

Gold Coast/DB Expansion: 1 Dark Brotherhood Assassin NPC furnishing, 1 Order Hour NPC furnishing, 1 Anvil city guard NPC furnishing.

You can even have them as rare drops from dungeons and trials. Meridian Auroran Guard furnishing as a rare drop from HM Vet DoM.

Weapons and armor are also high points id like to see. Id like to ACTUALLY put weapons in my display cases.

  • FluffWit
    I'm certainly not opposed to adding these cats as house guests- good ideas!

    But as long as we're limited to 8 and that includes my banker and merchant who are all but essential I don't know that I'd get much use out of them.
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