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Chat bug fix?

Chat keeps entering and leaving guild chat. Ive reset. Ive unplugged. Ive reloaded the ui. Nothing is working. If this doesnt get fixed ill have to quit because all of my game revolves around communicating with guild membersin trials, pvp, and other events.

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  • ZOS_Bill
    We are aware of an issue that can cause some players to be stuck in a loop when attempting to join Guild Chat channels, preventing them from entering Guild Voice Chat. We are working on a solution and plan to have a fix deployed in a future update.

    To avoid this issue, you can try the following tips:
    • Avoid suspending and resuming the game while in a voice chat channel.
    • Log out of the game entirely before a maintenance or server restart.

    In some cases, leaving the Guild, logging out to character select, and then logging back in and re-joining the Guild has resolved this issue.
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