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PTS Update 30 - Feedback Thread for Blackwood Main Quest [SPOILERS]

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This is the official feedback thread for the Blackwood Main Quest. In order to limit spoilers for those that don’t wish to see them, please post your feedback or bug reports here. Thank you!
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  • Aliyavana
    Off topic, but can you create a thread for feedback on the new tutorial?
  • fboostb16_ESO
    I'll just copy my feedback from the quest thread here, because the link for main quest feedback on a quest expasion is at the bottom of the link list for some reason.

    I'm over 30 min in and still on the first quest. Are you serious. The immutable and unbreakable convention of any RPG game is one city, one quest, secondary loiation optional. Whoever designed this must have never played any role playing game.
    The first "quest" is really 3-4 quests.There is no sense of progression when a single quest drags on like this. And it is the first quest players experience in the new area. Game desing much?

    Ok next quest: run to the far corner of the map, fun.
    Dungeon boss is bugged, lifts up his staff, nice bone animation floating around, but no kill.
    Run back all the way, no portal? Double fun.
    Better pacing on quest 2, finished after defeating the mini boss. Bur running to the far corner of map and back, idk.

    Quest 3 running to the other corner of the map. only from the center, but still. I think i see a patern emerging.

    Again a quest: Weapons of Destruction leads me through many different realms with no save point for the random normal dungeon queue. There should be one before you enter the Sanctuary.

    My main problem with these long quest is that i do them while queueing for a random normal dungeon. When I return from the dungeon I get reset to the start of the delve and redoing it is not really fun.
    Suggestion: split every quest in two and the first one in three parts so they can be done comfortably while queueing for dungeons.

    Overall I really liked the style and the lighting, much more than I thought I would, the high fantasy style and the deadric style work really well. I enjoyed the voice acting, but after the performace for Khamira in Elsweyr almost everything is an improvement.

  • remosito
    did the whole quest line last night. and really liked it quite a lot. I am a chill quester so pace felt good to me. Liked the characters. Story. And epicness of it all. Arts team really outdid themselves with both tamriel and oblivion zones.

    Big pat on the backs of all the artsy ppl at zos.

    Your contribution to the chapter would well merrit me sending money your way... cant y'all get together and do something about the tech and combat, balance, etc folks?
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  • Enodoc
    I assume these issues are known, but they're not in the Known Issues in the Patch Notes so I'll post them anyway.

    Quest Pyre of Ambition:
    • Dagon doesn't appear or speak in the exterior locations (you can only hear him during the interior segments). I assume his model just isn't complete yet? He also doesn't appear in the Obelisk of Inevitability scene in the previous quest.
    • The recruited help from the Three Winds and the Borderwatch Brigadines didn't show up in the fort after recruiting them except for in the staging camp, so I assume they aren't implemented yet either.
    • The Hutan-Tzel Brigadines turned up after the courtyard battle to defend the courtyard, but since that battle was already over, their usefulness in turning up at that point was basically zero - that may be intentional, but I assumed they would have some sort of purpose.
    • The tiny Oblivion Gate/Portal models in this quest are great - I hope these are planned to replace the red sphere models for the Oblivion Portal events and that just isn't implemented yet.
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  • KingArthasMenethil
    Quest name Weapons of Destruction
    • Emperor Moricar appears in Order of the Hour style commonly used for Imperial Soldiers post Summerset (more likely due to its motif book saying it was based off Remans Legions) despite there already being an Emperor Costume and said costume is used later in the same quest on the main antagonist.
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