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Housing QOL Suggestions

Hello. Some of the things I'm about to list have already been requested--multiple times. My apologies for the wall of text, I've been getting increasingly frustrated for a while with a piece of the game that I love and which eats huge amounts of my gaming time.

This is not a thread requesting a higher item limit (although that is sorely needed, at the rate new furnishing plans are being released). Everything is solely my opinion, not presented as fact.

1. Antiquities: Request a vendor in Solitude (where there is already a building dedicated to antiquities conveniently located) that will unlock FURNISHINGS once you've completed the codex (3 digs) for that furnishing, to buy items with gold. If someone doesn't want to spend gold, that's fine, too, have fun farming. Antiquities can't be sold, but the grind to farm multiples (looking at you, Echoes of Aldmeris) can be excessively tedious. Why would someone want multiples? Because several of the antiquities are uniform in size and thickness--unlike the building blocks--which makes them useful for certain builds. If not a vendor, why not allow furnishing antiquities to be sold. Gear should remain bound--but there are options to create additional versions of antiquity gear, the only option for furnishings is more grinding.

2. Speaking of building blocks: I am begging, literally begging, for standard blocks in a variety of textures. Roof materials, triangles, window insets, walls that are uniformly thick and ALIGN, and more. Wood stairs, angled stairs, stairs without huge piles of brick under them, stairs that aren't slabs glued together...I think you get the idea. Current block sets are incomplete, impractical, and, frankly, a lot of them are ugly.

3. Storage options: I get it, I am probably an outlier. I have 62 houses, with ~40 of them open at any given time. My bank is full of excess, most of which isn't worth selling vs current craft costs. My alts are full. I try to keep one 700 slot house as storage (a huge waste of money, by the way) to free up the others, and it's full. All 8 storage chests are full of nothing but furnishings. Could I create a second account to hold everything? Sure. But what is also stopping the addition of more chests with higher capacity (100 items, minimum) or a furnishing bag? In addition to new plans, there are new lux items, antiquities that can't be sold, and more. Storage is becoming critical, especially after events like Jubilee.

4. An in-game directory of open houses. A lot of people don't like using addons, and that's fine. Those people still create amazing works, that shouldn't necessarily rely solely on visiting a primary, especially if they're someone you do not know. I do not recommend any kind of upvote system, as those usually devolve into popularity contests (and some of us don't have any friends), but just being able to see what's out there is a great way to build community and meet like-minded people. Give a radio button or toggle to show that something's been visited, but please add this in-game.

5. The ability to move/remove any decoration: Want to build something super in the courtyard of Ebonheart Chateau? Too bad there's a gigantic fountain right where you wanted to put the front door. If we cannot have blank slate housing plots along the lines of Coldharbour or Moonsugar, at least allow us to remove decorations, trees, grass, and random shrubs. There are items now that are solely from certain houses, so even being able to sell things like the Ebonheart or Daggerfall fountain should not be much of a concern. Also, if people want to keep those items with the house but put them in another spot, they would have the freedom to do so. For a house, just using Ebonheart as an example, that costs almost 4m gold, this doesn't seem unreasonable. It really doesn't seem unreasonable for furnished versions or crown-only houses, since all those items are bound (creating more issues with storage).

6. Small/medium homes: We have a plethora of enormous plots that can't be filled and most of them are also not that great for custom building. There are a lot of cute premade houses in the open world that would be excellent additions to the housing catalog. If the item limit won't be increased, then how about some houses that aren't huge and don't require massive sections to be blocked off. Making them available for gold as well as crowns would also be helpful.

7. Blank slate plots in a variety of biomes. I think this speaks for itself. With a blank slate and standard building blocks, my guilds might never see me outside of my house again.

8. Please rethink the business model that seems to dictate the sale of enormous housing based on how easily parts can be blocked off. If I spend $100 on a digital house, I would really like to be able to use the whole thing. When I can't, I feel like I've been ripped off, and I don't think I'm alone in that. Sure, I could leave huge tracts and entire rooms empty, and that works for some people, but that doesn't work for everyone. The players are telling you what they want. Why not give them that, instead of what you think they want?

That's all I have for now, thanks for reading.

  • Dropstitch
    I agree with most of this.

    On item 8. I like the concept that areas of a house can be blocked off, because it is almost impossible to decorate most crown houses with any detail in 700 items. Unfortunately, the way it was implemented is baffling.

    For this design ethos to be useful the house needs to be nucleated around the portal (or for the portal to be relocatable, which is a different subject) so that the various areas can be easily accessed. But instead ZOS has introduced largely linear houses, which would require a player to create long custom corridors or to navigate vast empty areas if they wished to decorate the areas farthest from the portal.

    To me the most versatile houses are the blank canvases like Moonsugar Meadow, and it is very easy to cut these areas down if you choose to.
  • Feendish
    Dropstitch wrote: »
    For this design ethos to be useful the house needs to be nucleated around the portal (or for the portal to be relocatable, which is a different subject)

    I played a different game with an item where you could change the entry spawn point. It was a life changer in that particular game, and I would happily sacrifice an item slot for such a thing here (it was only available through the equivalent of the crown store or a gamble box). Of course, in that game, you could also set a specific, static time of day, which was another game changer when it was implemented.

    I try to avoid comparisons with other games because they're not really relevant to this one, but at the same time, something like that would make 700 items or less much easier to deal with.
  • airie
    antiquity > i would love for it to be a part of the achievement / sticker book system — obtain the first one for the achievement & create additional ones using transmute crystals
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