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Depth of Malatar achievement questions

Our group slowly doing achievements in different dungeons I have few question about Depth of malatar.
We can't do the first boss achievement Hide and Seek, cause most probably we don't understand what need to be done.
1. the boss creates 4 shawdow forms and you need to rolldodge short before they spawns so that they don'T hit you right?
2. What does it mean: "Don't allow any of the Scavenging Maw's Hunting Proboscis to be shattered" not getting in the small red aoe during seek phase that spawns on the ground or something else?
If anyone can answer or give a link to detailed walkthrought it would be great.

and another question about the speed run we skip here some mob packs or as in other new DLC you must kill all mobs here?
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