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Bright Lights

What are some of the brightest lights that produce the most lighting? I just bought Lakemire Xanmeer and the building is so dark inside. Would those ayleid crystals work?
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  • mixrgshoppreub18_ESO
    Check out the clockwork illuminators, they might be large but definitely bright. For Xanmeer they might be a good scale. But yes, the ayleid crystals are quite bright and might fit the look better.
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  • VaranisArano
    If you combine the Varla Stone, Glowing (blue) and the Culanda Stone, Glowing (yellow) on top of each other, you get a very bright light that's the closest I can get to actual daylight.
  • GrumpyDuckling
    Tower of Beacon Zero is really bright. You can get it as an antiquity lead.

    There are also a couple bright lights that can appear in the luxury furniture vendor on Fridays called "Culunda" and "Varla"
  • B0SSzombie
    Get some Clockwork Illuminator, Solitary Capsules


    And disable Surface Collision to hide them in the floor, walls, or ceiling. A few of those puppies can easily light up the entirety of even the biggest homes.
  • NordSwordnBoard
    Replica Elder Scrolls (if you reached level 50 in PvP) give off a large beam upwards of blue or yellow light, as well as a good radius around it. You can toggle the color also.
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