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deleting bound equipment

When I find weapons/armor in dungeons it comes bound to me.
Most I don't need. But it appears in my SETs.

Does this mean if I delete it/sell it - it is still there or do I have to go back in a dungeon to get it?


  • Dagoth_Rac
    You can either recreate it using transmute crystals, or go back to dungeon and farm it again.
  • Kurat
    When you find sets in dungeons/trials they are not bound immediately. You can trade them with your group members for 2 hours (even after leaving group and the dungeon). After 2 hours they are automatically bound to you. Equipping them before makes them bound and no longer tradable. You can also manually bind them by right click and select bind. Make sure you bind them before selling to npc vendor or destroying them. You cant sell them in guild traders or any players other thsn who you were grouped.
    Once bound the item is added to the "sticker book". From there you can reconstruct the item as many times as you want but it costs transmute crystals and need access to transmute station.
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