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An In-Depth Buying Guide for the April Sale

Soul Shriven
The purpose of this guide is to help new players who have played and enjoyed the game during the free play event figure out which edition of the game and what in-game extras are best suited for them. For this reason, as a user of this forum and likely as an existing player, you may find this guide a helpful resource to refer friends to who you are trying to convince to buy the game, or have convinced to buy the game and want to ensure they can get the best deal on all of the content.

In this guide I discuss in detail:
- Available options for getting your hands on the game (gamepass, standard editions and expansion collections)
- The contents included with the various purchase options, such as the expansions and their extras
- The best way to get the most content for as little as possible
- In game only purchases worth getting and how to get the best deal on them
- ESO Plus, its benefits, and why it's better than just buying crowns
- Account upgrades worth getting and when you should get them
- DLC zones, why you might want to own them, how best to get them, and when you should
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