Anglers of Tamriel - A Social & Fishing Guild

Heyo everyone!

Allow me to introduce you all to my guild Anglers of Tamriel. We're a social guild with a primary focus on fishing and fishing related events. Currently there's very few of us, only 10, but it is our intention to grow. As there's so few of us (given our niche nature) most of our "events" consist of hanging out while fishing, some people do it for gold some for the pursuit of the Master Angler achievement but we all do it for the fun and social aspect of it as well, these things might seem tedious and slow on their own but with friends time flies! In the future, once we grow to a more comfortable size, we'll start hosting more events, all of those you'd expect from a social guild and much much more!

So I'd like to invite you all to join us in our fishing endeavors, here's a link to our discord:
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