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PC/Mac Patch Notes v6.3.7

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The Elder Scrolls Online v6.3.7 includes a fix for missing guild/friend list history, some UI-related fixes, a bug with the Bone Shield synergy, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 88.2MB.


  • Black Drake Villa
    • The description for the "Amphibians Arrested" achievement now correctly mentions the Fiery Favor effect.


  • Undaunted
    • Bone Shield: Fixed multiple issues where the synergy from this ability and its morphs did not follow regular rules. The shield granted from these abilities no longer stack, and being affected by any version now makes you immune to other versions for 6 seconds.


  • Fixed an issue where Ayleid Apex and Radiant Apex mounts could not be previewed in the Crown Store if you were inside your Tamrielic home.

  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally result in the guild store tax not getting deposited into the guild bank.
  • COD payment mails now have fixed 30-day expiration dates like all other mail.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur involving art assets with visible effects.

  • Information about offline players from the Friends/Guild lists are now correctly shown for players that have been offline for a while.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Champion UI to trigger UI errors while using the Champion purchasing addon API. The API itself is unchanged.

  • Fixed an issue where the visual state of Champion stars would not display properly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the keybind strip could get into a bad state when quickly swapping between the Champion screen and other screens.
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