[PC-EU] Arcade - [PvE Endgame Progression Guild]

Arcade PC-EU
Arcade is looking for skilled players for all roles looking to progress. The guild is focused on full completions of all achievements/ HMs.
Experience of all trials is a boon but not required.
Dont be afraid to apply if you think your capable but just lack knowledge or experience on certain trials.
Potential is what we are looking for!

Mag DD 90k+
Stam DD 95K+
Tanks and Healers are required to have the core endgame sets

Exceptional applicants will be considered even if base requirements are not meet.

Standard start times for runs will be 20-22CET for 2hours minimum. Applicants must be interested in raiding minimum 3 days a week.

Contact me on Discord for more information at DavidG#9282
  • EkTzoltze
    Soul Shriven
    Edited by EkTzoltze on April 12, 2021 1:25PM
  • davidgraham1994
    Recruitment is closed for now, thankyou to all the applicants
  • davidgraham1994
    First Triple Down! Gryphon Heart
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