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[BUG] Spell Orb,Infernal Guardian,Unfathomable Darkness destroy invisibility of enemy players in PvP

Spell Orb of Psijic Order skill, Infernal Guardian set, Unfathomable Darkness set destroy invisibility of enemy players.
They destroy invisibility when activated.
In other words, they destroys Invisibility even if it doesn't hit enemy player.
In addition, they are destroying a wide range of invisibility in the process of finding a target to shoot.
Perhaps they destroy invisibility even if invisibility enemy players aren't targeted.

Obviously this is a bug.

There is a video of the evidence.
I happened to discover a bug while playing this game on Twitch live.
Videos are PC, NA server, Japanese.
These are videos of playing PvP Battlegrounds.
My character name is "Ryu Vanargand".
Please fix this bug.

Date: 03/31/2021 00:25:30 JST(UTC+0900)

[Clip of this video] [BUG] Infernal Guardian set destroys invisible of player.

[Clip of this video] [BUG] Spell Orb of Psijic Order passive skill destroys invisible of player.

[Clip of this video] [TEST] Spell Orb of Psijic Order passive skill can be evaded with Cloak after it has been fired.

Date: 03/11/2021 22:55:10 JST(UTC+0900)

[Clip of this video] [BUG] Unfathomable Darkness set destroys invisible of player.

[Clip of this video] [BUG] Destroy invisible when an enemy in the Unfathomable Darkness set is nearby.

Corrected the date of the video.
The bottom video was 03/11/2021 22:55:10 JST(UTC+0900).
Edited by master_vanargand on April 4, 2021 3:31AM
  • master_vanargand
    The date of the bottom video was wrong, so I fixed it.
  • Firstmep
    Damn the infernal guardian bug was really old and it got fixed at some point.
  • master_vanargand
    Still destroying stealth.
    Something is broken.
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