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Why did I get an Ouroboros Crown Crate instead of the Blackwood Preview Crate?

I watched the entire Blackwood preview event and when I logged in to claim the drops it says I got an Ouroborus Crown Crate but twitch says it's suppose to be a Blackwwod Preview Crate. Where is my Blackwood Preview Crate?
  • Athanasia_Nocnitsa
    Same here :(
  • Tabatha
    Xbox NA- i received ouroboros rate as well
  • cmetzger93
  • meekmiko
    There wasn't a "Preview Crate" being given out.
    Just a pony pet and Ouroboros Crate:
    "Join us for the main show live from 3PM and you can also receive Twitch Drops (don’t forget to link your account!) including an Ouroboros Crown Crate AND the Flame Atronach Pony pet."
    (^From the ESO website)
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    • 🔥 🏹☄️ EP - Furoni the Ember / Dunmer HybridDK (DPS)
    • 💀 ⚔️ AD - Dro'Vashpar the Corrupted / Khajiit StamPlar (DPS)
    • 🌩️ ☄️ EP - Steals-Many-Hearts / Argonian MagSorc (DPS)
    • 👁️ 🏹 AD - Danegor Lichenhollow / Bosmer StamCanist (DPS)
  • GreenHere
    At least you got any crate! I watched from before it started til after it ended, and just got a dumb pony I didn't want. I sat through what essentially amounted to a commercial for a crate, and didn't even get one. :/

    Serves me right for actually watching, instead of just muting the stream and leaving it on in the background, I guess. :P
  • pareidolon
    I wasn't able to claim any drop at first and twitch gives me an error message. After I watched the international post-stream I claimed 2 Ouroboros crates (no "preview crate").

    I never got the pony, BUT I have the Flame Atronoch Pocket Horse from a previous event. Same thing?

    Edited by pareidolon on March 31, 2021 11:02PM
  • GreenHere
    pareidolon wrote: »
    I wasn't able to claim any drop at first and twitch gives me an error message. After I watched the international post-stream I claimed 2 Ouroboros crates (no "preview crate").

    I never got the pony, BUT I have the Flame Atronoch Pocket Horse from a previous event. Same thing?

    Same here, I just get an identical error when attempting to claim the crate. This rewards system is stupid and annoying.

    Also, where did they publicize that there were post-stream rewards on the table? Maybe I just missed the obvious somewhere, but I can't help but feel like ZOS' communications on stream stuff is *** poor...
  • zharkovian
    Mine specifically said it was a "Blackwood Preview Crate" and I claimed it, but none arrived. Perhaps there is a time delay?

    I tuned in to the reveal, and you have to be on 15 minutes to get the free stuff, yet the reveal seemed to last less than that and I found myself staring at the announcement screen for todays presentation. It is odd isn't, free stuff is good, but making getting free stuff irritating isn't.
  • zharkovian
    This is what it said on twitch, but all I received was an 'orrible-us crate -

  • colossalvoids
    There shouldn't be any blackwood preview crate, just an ouroboros one as always.
  • Araneae6537
    I wonder why it showed a preview crate on Twitch? Well, I got my pet and an Ouroboros crate, and Pacrooti was nice enough to throw in an extra card — extra Gems are always appreciated! :relaxed:
  • PizzaCat82
    Did anyone get a pony? Are we supposed to get one soon? Details are slim.
  • HowellQagan
    I got the atronach pocket horse, not the preview crate (successfully claimed it), got Ouroboros crates from the deep dive or whatever it was called.
    Edited by HowellQagan on April 2, 2021 3:48PM
    That annoying dude on PC-EU.
  • Radiance
    The Stream was a Blackwood Preview, the crate was just a regular ol' Ouroboros.
  • Elsonso
    Yeah... The "Blackwoods Preview Crate" was the standard Ouroboros Crown Crate that they hand out like candy to the children. :smile:
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