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Bugged DSA (and maybe others) rewards

Dragonstar Arena was a weekly on PC EU. I did it on 2 characters. Today rewards arrived. I got Axe of the Healer which is part of a set that drops from the chests you can loot after each arena and, to my surprise, Axe from Dual Wield set and... Maul so Two Handed weapon.
On another character I got Master's Bow and nothing else so I guess there should be one piece from the arena sets and one Master's weapon set. And set is the key word here. Bow as a weapon is a one piece set. Same for Two Handers, Restoration Staff and Destruction Staves. Obvious. But in terms of Dual Wield and Sword and Shield a reward also should be a full set so in this case two weapons or a weapon and the shield.
As much as I'd love to use Maul as an off-hand weapon it's not possible. So instead of getting a full Dual Wield set I got one piece of Dual Wield and 1 piece of Two Handed which in this case is another full set. But my one handed axe is useless since I have nothing to pair it with.
I don't really mind, at this point it's just all for the collection but if someone wanted Dual Wield - they got a big F. Two other people I did DSA with had the same thing - one one-handed weapon + 2 handed weapon. I don't know if it's the same case for Sword and Shield (like you get one handed + something instead of shield). I'm pretty sure it's only DSA rewards because from VH rewards I got Dual Wield on two characters and in both cases I got 2 times one-handed weapon.
Screenshots as a proof:
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