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Stuck on dungeon finder for days? are you a healer?

This Monday I did my daily’s pledge with al my pjs, 5 of them healers, everything went just fine, Tuesday I found that just logging any of my healers the game automatically put my on dungeon queue, (no the tank neither the dps, just healers)
You can’t cancel this, nor leave the queue, even when you join a group, move to cyrodill or something else, it just keep there for ever and no group invitation will arrive.
When you do a Trial this queue is canceled in the moment the trial start but is again activated after leaving the trial instance.
So I found a walk around, after finishing the trial, leave the group but don’t leave the instance then go to dungeon finder change your role to DPS and start the queue, now you can leave the instance once you are outside you can cancel the queue and the curse is now over, change your role back to healer and start doing your daily’s as always.
Before you ask me why don’t just write to ZM, I jus did 3 times in 5 days no answers.
I hope this can help you.
  • OhDios
    I just wanted to update with the forum, the answer from ZM

    " If you are experiencing this issue, we have found a few workarounds that may resolve your issue:
    Have another player invite your character to a group.
    Have the Group Leader (make sure it isn't the character with the problem) join the queue.
    Once joined, have the Group Leader leave the queue.
    If the above resolution does resolve your issue. follow the steps detailed below.

    Please keep in mind there is a 15 minute wait period:
    Players incur a 15 minute wait period if they leave a group or the group is disbanded. This is to encourage players to finish the activity they originally queued up for via the Group Finder, and dissuade them from immediately leaving a newly formed group. ESO restricts players from using Group Finder again for 15 minutes after the initial group creation.
    If a group leader disbands the party, this will bestow the 15 minute wait period on the entire group.
    If you are experiencing issues with your Group Immediately Disbanding:
    In most cases, logging out to the character select screen again and then back in or loading into a brand new zone will resolve group-related issues.
    If the issue persists after re-logging in, you can try reforming the group you were in when the issue occurred and then disbanding it. You can also try joining a large group and asking the group leader to disband it. This can help reset your UI. To prevent this from happening in the future, we recommend not logging out of the game while still in a group."

    What i did (and it worked) was similar
    1) a friend invited me to a group (friend was crown)
    2) Friend join the queue
    3) then she passed me the crown (The queue was not interrupted)
    4) I leave the queue, and the group and curse gone!!!.

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