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Can't access my account...

Incident# 210319-006817

Long story short... I lost access to the email address on an account of mine, and can't login because my laptop is not authorized.

So I finally was able to prove that the account is mine. I was told that the email address on the account has been updated, and that an account activation email is on the way. I still have not received the account activation email, and I was told that everything is in order last night. It's now been longer than 12 hours, and I still can't login.

I've also tried logging into the account in question in-game, but the access code that the system is supposed to send to me isn't arriving either. This would seem to indicate that the new email address has not been added to the account, or that there is a system issue.

This is not an acceptable level of customer service. Please give me access to my account.

  • ZOS_Chiroptera
    Greetings @Asmoloma,

    If you are not receiving your account verification email, try the steps under "What do I do if I didn't receive my verification email for my ESO email or UserID change?" in this article.

    We did also take a look at your ticket and it is still open. One of our agents may suggest the above as well, and if it does not work, they will be able to provide further assistance.
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  • Asmoloma
    Yeah it's still not working. This is nonsense.

    I've already been checking all of the folders in my gmail account. I've also created the rules in my gmail settings.

    Things like this ruin the experience for me, and I don't know how you expect the Bethesda/ Zenimax's customer base to accept this level of incompetence. Incompetence not of the staff... but of the systems.

    If there is an issue with the system, root it out and fix the problem. If there is an issue with being short-staffed, hire more people, or automate.

    I manage to get dozens of unsolicited emails every day, yet somehow miraculously your emails are not arriving.

    Every company I do business with manages to send their emails in a timely manner, and yes, sometimes they arrive in the spam, promotions, or social folders. However, they do arrive and usually in very short order.

    There are clearly issues with the the Bethesda/ Zenimax email system as I'm not the only one having this problem. If google thinks the Bethesda/ Zenimax is spamming people, change the way the system sends out the emails.

    Kindly elevate this to someone who can make things happen, instead of insinuating that I don't know how to properly check my email.

    If my tone comes across as rude, it's not my intention. I'm frustrated, and I want the process to run efficiently as it should.

    Any sense of entitlement on my part comes from the fact that I am unable to access a product that I have paid for due to some mysterious issue with the Bethesda/ Zenimax email system.

    I appreciate your attention to this issue, and want to emphasize that my frustration is not directed in any way at the support staff.
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