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bot farming add on

Soul Shriven
why is bot farming allowed in a game where it has and economy ,to me it seems undermines the people who do not bot farm, it floods the market, lowers the price of items.
  • WiseSky
    Can you give an example of a bot farming addon?

    To my knowledge they don’t exist and could be someone who made a program, but not an addon, addon capabilities don’t allow bottling of farming.
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  • M0R_Gaming
    95% sure that bot farming is against ZOS's Terms of Service. They exist, but they get banned quickly.
    As WiseSky said, they can't be done with addons, so it has to be an external program.

    It's the same with most other MMOs, bots will exist, and will get banned quick.
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  • SirAndy
    I don't think you understand how AddOns work in this game. There's no way to use the official API to make a "bot farming" AddOn.

    Now, if you are talking 3rd party software like Cheat Engine, then yes, that has been around since the launch of ESO and also yes, it is still working to cheat in this game.

    But 3rd party software has nothing to do with AddOns ...

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  • VaranisArano
    Bot farming is not allowed in ESO, as it's against the TOS. ZOS encourages players to report them and semi-periodically does a ban wave of known bots.

    That being said, it's possible to bot in ESO with certain third party programs for the low cost of purchasing the base game. The idea for goldsellers is that it's profitable as long as they make more from goldselling than from buying a new account. Thus, ZOS trying to stem the tide of bots with bans isn't terribly effective. There's always more where the last bot came from.
  • twev
    I believe slayerclangod assumed that bot farmers are using an addon as opposed to 3rd party software outside the bounds of acceptable/approved addon restrictions.

    slayerclangod doesn't appear be asking for an addon for it, so the clarification that bot farmers are operating outside the normal API is likely the answer they seek.
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