[PVE/PVP] The Werewolf Magicka Healer - Flames of Ambition

Soul Shriven
Before starting, I can only warn you that this build is obviously not considered META and does not pretend to be. It breaks all the rules which have been implemented so far in this game and thus needs open-mindedness and passion to be fully understood. If you end being interested, I HIGHLY recommand you to play this build with friends you know and trust since using it with random players will lead you to a kick in 85% of the cases (PVE wise). Its results are astonishingly good and yet will only be fully embraced by players who will have the heart to look beyond their own habits.


Welcome to this build my fellow brothers and sisters, thank you for giving me some of your time. Some of you might be here because the title has piqued your curiosity. Some others must have clicked directly... waiting to see how they would be able to belittle this build's content. Whoever you are, I hope you'll find a way to stay polite with one another and manage to share your opinion with respect.
A Werewolf... healing build ? Magicka you said ? Oh My God... Why don't you guys stop with all these new trends ? Aren't you satisfied with the game's content already ? Where will be my Horn, my bubble, my Berserk ?

I got you, this build sounds strange. And let me tell you, it actually is.

I've played many games in which healing has always been my main interest and ESO has offered me fun and challenging ways to express this passion. Unfortunately, I've come to realize that I was a bit tired of META builds. The latters tend to get rid of class specificities for the benefit of one great healing class (personnal point of view). In addition to this, I had the feeling classic magicka healing was all about distance and I have to admit I have quite of a warrior spirit in my heart... But let's just start about this build, let me tell you what it brought me.



Werewolf healing is all about pace, agressivity and nerves. Your contribution to the group goes beyond healing, especially in very hard content in which you bring something else : confidence. 100% of your healing output will come from self over-healing thanks to the following sets :

Hiti.png redistributor.jpg

In terms of strict healing gameplay, the key is to keep a maximum uptime of Hiti's warmth aura. To do so, you'll need to heal yourself every 12s through Hircine's Fortitude so as to proc the set (Be careful, the set will only proc on effective healing ! If you're already at 100% health, using Hircine's Fortitude will restore Stamina but will not trigger Hiti's Hearth. To counter this, make sure to get minor damage on yourself in the two seconds between the end of your aura and the next proc). Through the aura, the Redistributor set will add more health per second since you'll quickly start over-healing yourself.

What you also need to know is that every feeding tick (one tick every second for three seconds which is the full duration of feeding) will also trigger the Redistributor. See it this way : the more corpses you get on the floor (even those already used by fellow Necromancers), the more healing potential you've got. Everything then resides in this one question : shall I wait before feeding until one ally gets hurt or shall I feed now before the corpse disappears as anticipation ?

This is what makes this build so nervous : you'll only find success once you manage to have an eye on the battlefield. This whole healing concept solely revolves around HoTs so you must always anticipate your comrades' needs and dangers otherwise you'll be late. But once you master it, your overall clearing speed will increase a lot and your partners will feel safe at all times.



In terms of skills, the werewolf skill line adds some pretty aggressive depth to your group. Let's study them all.

Pack Leader : While transformed, the 30% Max Stamina bonus is a must since you will not add any attribute point in it (in addition with the passive 15% Stamina recovery while slotted) and the 10% less damage is the equivalent of a Major Protection buff. The latter is just insane since you get 100% uptime on it while, for instance, Wardens will need to build their ultimate to get it through Sleet Storm for 8 or 12s only depending on this Ultimate's morph... But most of all, you will give a permanent Minor Courage to allies, increasing their weapon and spell damage by 215 through the whole dungeon. This of course is half of what sets like Olorime and Spell Power Cure can give but... it's passive. Half the effect for a 5 piece set is not negligeable.

Brutal Pounce : This skill has two benefits for you. First, it is your main gap reduction during combat. Hiti's aura is 12m wide but sometimes your target can be too far and Brutal Pounce will enable you to cover distance in shorter time. It also triggers its effect as a cone (5m large), which means you can proc a Crushing Weapon glyph with it. Obviously, this is not as good as Elemental Blockade on a shock staff but you at least have a way to make this work and 10s effect is just as competitive in length.

Hircine's Fortitude : This is your main spammable heal since it's the only skill you have that can proc your Warmth Aura (feeding is not a skill). This morph is a formidable support to your Stamina management since it gives a maximum of 333 Stamina recovery depending on your heal's strength. It also helps the same way through Heath regen, a crucial component of this build as you may have guessed. At full health (which will be the case most of the time), this skill will be used in the same way as Dark Deal from the Sorcerer, gaining 3000 Stamina at the cost of Magicka. Cherry on the cake, you'll also get a passive Major Brutality to add some more damage to your melee attacks.

Deafening Roar : This skill is completely insane. 4s fear + 7s off balance for six ennemies at a time... The crowd control potential is limitless. Its morph will then add Major Breach and Minor Maim to decrease their physical and magical resistances by 5948 and their damage by 5% respectively. A very aggressive skill than can be used defensively for yourself or your allies to prevent big damage times but also offensively since it can freeze for 7s a whole group of ennemies under your comrades' AoEs. Used on every boss, you get the equivalent of Weakness to Elements.

Howl of Despair : Mainly used as a Stamina dumper for attack, it gives Empower to allies who will have synergized with it. Granting them 40% more damage to light and heavy attacks for 5s is a form of DPS increase, especially since everyone tends to master weaving nowadays.

Claws of Anguish : This skill is mainly used for its Major Defile component, decreasing ennemy's Healing received and recovery by 16%. A kind of niche component in PVE but mandatory for PVP.

It's useless to say all the Werewolf passives will be fully taken since they add so much resistance, speed, Stamina management and transformation time to your character that it would be stupid to forget them.


The overall attributes distribution should be in the end :

HEALTH = 32 pts
MAGICKA = 32 pts
STAMINA = 0 pts
Why not all in Magicka or at least some points in Stamina ? And why Health ?

This build may rely on set procs, it will not work at all if you're constantly low health. I'll even say that as long as you can't guarantee your health to be subject to self over-healing, you will not heal your group at all. Thus your best chance to stay at 100% is to use Hircine's Fortitude, a high Magicka cost skill scaling with Max Health.
Exact calculation is as follows :
[Hircine's Fortitude heal] = 0.50025 Health - 1.81439

Source : UESP ESO build editor

This balanced distribution can be altered the way you want of course. More Magicka means more spells/s, especially when in human form. Though, I should tell you that after many tests, a 32/32/0 suits very well for PVP where you'll need those juicy instant heals to save you.

The Ritual stone will be your favorite choice, especially since you can go with all Divines to add some more healing output. As a reminder, sets procs only scale with champion points, weapon enchantments and weapon traits.

As you may know, Werewolves benefit from class passives (except those including any skill slotted or used). For this build, the best would be a Templar (Sorcerer is a close second).

  • +2640 Spell Resistance.
  • -4% Stamina, Magicka and Ultimate costs.
  • 20% increased resurrection speed (with 100% more health for revived allies).
  • -5% cost for Stamina and Magicka abilities.
  • +10% Magicka recovery.
  • -15% Ultimate cost.

Templar is great for beginners, that 20% rez. speed is yummy and will save you more than once in hard contents. Once you got your hand on the build, Sorcerer tends to offer you more survivability, especially in PVP.

Concerning Champion points, the most important for you is to max out Eldritch, Blessed and Focused Mending. Be careful, Hiti's aura and Redistributor are not considered HoTs by the game, you need to focus on single target heals.

To conclude, Breton is the race to go. As you can see, the Werewolf was not build for a Magicka use. Since you can't swap between Human and Werewolf every second, you'll have to rely solely on your Max Magicka and your Magicka recovery. Breton is the best choice for this (2000 Max Magicka, 130 Magicka recovery), adding a nice -7% cost for Magicka abilities and 2310 Spell Resistance. But if that can reassure you, since feeding does not cost anything and that Hiti's aura stays for 10s, you will always have enough Magicka.



Here is the full list of the equipment you should get.

You can add some Impenetrable traits on armor if you wish to but this already works like a charm in PVP. Werewolves have a well rounded tanky build just by turning into it, you can carry a game with very few deaths overall.
Since the new Flames of Ambition patch has come, some new sets like Kinra's Wrath have appeared and with it a kind of... revolution for weird builds like this one.


This build is the ultimate way to offer what classic builds offer : Minor Berserk at constant uptime. Unfortunately, Hiti's Hearth would have to be swapped which means feeding would become the only healing source of this build (way too dangerous) and the 2, 3 et 4 items bonuses are completely useless to us. Speaking about buffs the Werewolf can't offer, I'm going to discuss pros and cons on next part.


When you try something else than the META, the first thing you will read on your chat after being kicked is that you lack all the components that classic healers provide. Let's make a comparison.

Classic Magicka Healer --> Werewolf equivalent
  • Orbs for magicka and stamina resource management --> Symphony of Blades monster set.
  • Minor Berserk through Combat Prayer (Resto Staff) --> Nothing. But could use Kinra's Wrath from Flames of Ambition to get equivalent.
  • Elemental Blockade with Crusher glyph and concussion --> Brutal Pounce with crushing weapon. On demand off balance with Deafening Roar.
  • Major Breach through Weakness to Elements + magickasteal --> Deafening Roar without magickasteal.
  • Aggressive Horn Ultimate --> Nothing.
  • Harmful effects cleansing --> Nothing.

Sure, you're right guys, what is missing is quite important especially at high level. Without cleansing, a healer is handicapped. But now, let's see the same thing the other way around. Is there something a Werewolf has that a classic magicka healer hasn't ?

Werewolf healer --> Classic Magicka Healer equivalent
  • Passive Minor Courage --> Needs a 5 piece set to get the same result (doubled).
  • Empower --> Nothing (or needs to replace a strong skill by another one giving Empower).
  • Major Protection for self --> Nothing.
  • Minor Main --> Nothing (or needs to replace a strong skill by another one giving Minor Maim).
  • Major Defile --> Nothing (or needs to replace a strong skill by another one giving Major Defile).
  • Passive Major Resolve --> Nothing.
  • Crowd Control --> Nothing as good as Deafening Roar since it gathers effects from 4 different skills depending on the chosen class !
  • Passive Main Resource and Health Recovery --> Nothing outside from sets.

Moreover, while classic magicka healers need to increase their spell damage and max magicka through gear and enchants, the Werewolf healer doesn't since proc sets do not scale with them. This sounds like the heals are less powerful (which is true in some way) but it gives more freedom in regards of stats, traits and enchantments.



Healing as a Werewolf offers a brand new experience in this game. You will stay much closer from your teammates and your overall vision will make the difference between a wype and a clean dungeon. You contribute at about 20% overall DPS while providing smart and essential crowd control, buffs and debuffs. In PVP, you're a force to be reckoned, a beacon for more squishy partners. You can handle a lot and you have "the surprise effect" since no one has ever fought against this kind of opponent.

Of course and once again, this build is extremely hard to play with random players since you will easily get kicked for being "a fake heal". And you can't be mad at them, since (sorry) you look like a damage dealer who tagged as a healer.

You can clear all vanilla and DLC dungeons in veteran (tested myself).
My personal list of HM dungeons completed (or not)
  • Imperial City Prison
  • White-Gold Tower
  • Cradle of Shadows
  • Ruins of Mazzatun
  • Falkreath Hold
  • Depths of Malatar
  • Lair of Maarselok
  • Moongrave Fane
  • Icereach
  • Unhallowed Grave
  • Castle Thorn
  • Stone Garden
  • Bloodroot Forge
  • March of Sacrifices
  • Moon Hunter Keep
  • Scalecaller Peak
  • Fang Lair
  • Frostvault

As a final word, if you've read this build until this point : THANK YOU ! Sharing ideas like this one is quite harsh sometimes as many players prefer to keep their habits instead of being more reckless. Luckely, I had the chance to meet players who accepted me in their group even though they weren't embracing this concept. I thank them just as much for proving this community still has a core of boys and girls who try to think different !

Feel free to share, ask some questions if you need, it'll be a pleasure for me to give you any kind of feedback.
  • Skullstachio
    In a PvE environment, you should consider Claws of Life since they heal you for 100% damage done and by extension have slightly better uptime on hiti’s hearth and Redistributor procs.

    Wearing stendarr's Embrace in place of one of the 5-piece set's can help with the cleansing of negative effects, it occurs once every 30 seconds per target and could help with the lack of cleasing negative effects. (Works better with hiti’s hearth than it does with redistributor as redistributor doesn’t heal the “lowest health ally” within the 15 meters.)

    Edit: other than that, I reckon you came up with a pretty swell werewolf healer build, there’s always room for improvement, but either way, you definitely left a positive mark for sure. It is sure gonna be a good start for Magicka based melee healers (werewolves especially in this regard.)
    Edited by Skullstachio on March 22, 2021 3:07AM
    Xbox LIVE: Skullstachio

    Timezone: (+10:00 AEST) (+11:00 AEDT During Daylight Saving Hours.)

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  • Hotdog_23
    Interesting build for sure, thanks for sharing. One thing I see as missing is a burst heal but if running with a premade group I don't see this being an issue.

    Stay safe and enjoy the journey 😊

    PS. ZOS stop the micromanagement of the green tree 🥺
  • Dotsham
    Soul Shriven
    In a PvE environment, you should consider Claws of Life since they heal you for 100% damage done and by extension have slightly better uptime on hiti’s hearth and Redistributor procs.

    Wearing stendarr's Embrace in place of one of the 5-piece set's can help with the cleansing of negative effects, it occurs once every 30 seconds per target and could help with the lack of cleasing negative effects. (Works better with hiti’s hearth than it does with redistributor as redistributor doesn’t heal the “lowest health ally” within the 15 meters.)

    Edit: other than that, I reckon you came up with a pretty swell werewolf healer build, there’s always room for improvement, but either way, you definitely left a positive mark for sure. It is sure gonna be a good start for Magicka based melee healers (werewolves especially in this regard.)

    Thank you very much for your comment, your feedback is really interesting. Especially for the cleansing part, I might get a look at this. Concerning Claws of Life, I got to admit I already manage to get a full uptime for Hiti so I'd rather bring Major Defile to the group.
    Hotdog_23 wrote: »
    Interesting build for sure, thanks for sharing. One thing I see as missing is a burst heal but if running with a premade group I don't see this being an issue.

    Stay safe and enjoy the journey 😊

    PS. ZOS stop the micromanagement of the green tree 🥺

    Thanks for your feedback mate, it's much appreciated too ! Yes, the lack of one juicy burst heal is what I struggle to find, especially on my Staminer healer builds. As you said, once the team is on point, I only find myself with that kind of problem when we encounter very specific aspects of the game. Take care !
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