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Interrupt add on for stopping another player from collecting a mats location

Have been playing since the beginning of this game. Have been a farmer this entire time. Recently I began to notice that when I run up to a mats site and attempt to click on it another player, 1 to 2 meters away, runs up and takes the site away from me. I am not making any errors here and am deeply experienced in farming. The reason I think there is an add on that uses the usual local monster ability to interrupt my attempt to collect a mat is the after effect. That of not being able to click on to another mat without at least two attempts, just as you would find from having a local monster get a piece of you before you arrived at a mat collection spot. There are specific players who use this add on and the results are consistent while other players arriving from the same distance do not use this. I have confronted a couple of players, they both claimed no knowledge and then both said they were sorry, were distracted and would be very careful next time. Both run away when they see me now. Just turn and disappear. Should I begin to list the names of those players I am resonably certain have access to this tool? I don't particularly want to but I would appreciate some sort of response.
  • Mojmir
    dont list names. Naming and shaming is against the rules
  • Nestor
    It is probably Lag

    If it was a Monster initiating combat, you would hear the combat music, or see the red border if you pulled up your HUD
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • Vilixiti
    Maybe they just have the CP for faster harvesting maxed? Even if they show farther away from the node than yourself, it may also appear the same way to them (that they are closer than you) due to how the server calculates player positions and I think they can take the node even after you started harvesting if their harvest time is faster than yours
  • deleted221106-002999
    Nestor wrote: »
    It is probably Lag

    If it was a Monster initiating combat, you would hear the combat music, or see the red border if you pulled up your HUD

    I agree.

    Try chatting with the player(s) involved to ask what they see from their perspective.

    I used to get really annoyed when that kind of thing consistently happened to me until I started talking. Whereas I could see my character chipping away at a node I discovered, during conversation, that from the perspective of the other player my character was still several meters away or dismounting when theirs got to the node.

    Somtimes see this effect in dungeons, too when you can't, without tab-target, land a hit on a monster - what you see and what the server's representation of relative positions aren't always the same.

    And in May the ping be ever in your favour. ;)
  • Baertram
    You guys still do not understand what addons are capable to do, and what not :o
    If you are not grouped you cannot send information or get information to any other player, except if you are in the same guild and even then it would only work if you both use the same addon and the guild message of the users need a text change, which normally (if done too quickly) will disconnect you for message spamming.

    So there is no way for any addon to communicate with near players, or near enemies, or near npcs, or bosses or whatever.
    You can only use your keybindings to sart something, like a skill. But there is no skill or API function to "block" others from doing anything.
    You can run into the way, you can spawn your pets to make the crafting tables no accesible. That's all, and no addon magick.

    So whatever you think addons do, they most probably don't! Especially not if it's about combat, interaction with other items and/or players :-)

    I bet it's just that they got a better server ping and were rendered farer away as you update of the positions was not as fast as the one's at the other player.
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