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Need straightened out on recent lore

Hey lore experts,

I’m not a lore guru but I do enjoy lore. I need help to see if I’m understanding correctly.

So...the recent history of the imperial throne is that invaders from the reach defeated the rightful imperial emperor and established what was known as the longhouse emperors. This recently collapsed (why?) and in the vacuum was when Mannimarco convinced Varen that he could become dragon born and take the throne. Yes?

I’m also confused about where the akaviri invaders and their emperors fit in the time line. I got the impression that it was with in the last generation and ended by an assassin (morog tong?) and they have some descendants in Northern Elsweyr.

Please straighten me out on the recent progression of whose bums warmed the ruby throne!

And help me with some speculation...

The new blurbs about the black wood chapter speak of a pact with the longhouse emperors and Mehrunes Dagon, who is now about to create oblivion gates and who knows what else.

We also know that Akatosh swore protection from oblivion so long as a rightful heir sat on the throne and wore the red diamond.

It seems plausible to me that when the long house emperors took over they nullified the covenant with Akatosh for the time. This meant they needed a new patron to shield them.

Thus it seems likely that they made a pact with Dagon to fill that need. But now longhouse folk aren’t emperors and Dagon has ‘legal grounds for reparations’ so to speak. And we will be dealing with the disaster of this failed pact in the upcoming story line.

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