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Why time limit crown store gifting?

And a related issue I tried gifting, ESO+ 30+days and account was "bugged" they fixed it eventually. My son just over 60+ ESO+ has to wait 19 more days before being able to gift.. Which I'm sure they will attend too.

If gifting was just on the ability to pay for said item ie crowns, then you would never run into this. Why that extra coding that does bug out?

  • MaxWacksem
    So no reply, typical..
    Today you sent him an email demanding proof of purchase..... Do you not have that information attached to the account?
    Why are you being so... About this.
    Again if you are interested in providing adequate service, just adequate service mind you. Remove that 30 day non-gifting thing because your system is obviously unable to do it. Or at least acknowledge it when a customer notifies you that it has happened to them. And quick check will reveal if they are past 30days, and if they are FIX IT.

    But 30 days before you can gift??? You have their $$, why can they not do what they want with the tokens they have PAID for?

    Your game I get it, do what you want. But too say I can do something I cannot is poor form and this hoop jumping for a known bug...
  • VaranisArano
    The "30 days before you can gift" is a precaution against bots and other abuses of the system.

    In the past (and maybe currently) ZOS has given new players a complimentary 500 or so crowns. Obviously, if gifting was available right from the start, those crowns could be used immediately for gifting/gold trade. That's an issue when bot accounts pretty much work along the idea that they can sell more than $10 worth of gold before they get nuked.

    Beyond that, it's an encouragement to actual new players to spend the crowns on their own account for things they want (and to buy more crowns or subscribe to buy the more expensive stuff they want.)

    And sure, ZOS should totally fix this bug. But that's why they do it.

    Finally, any chance you can post the Ticket #? That often helps the Forum mods track down your ticket to make sure it's made its way to the correct team.
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