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Prelude to the Mudcrab Wars

...and such is the reasoning for the paradoxical multiplex that is linearity on the circumference made by Wheeling Force. Those who follow the geodesics of Sithis will begin to recognize the self-evident nature of the Draconic Mutant Mind.

Nevertheless, many of the Formless discovered that by walking side-ways and giving themselves a proper mnemonic bath, they could avoid calcification anon earthbound immortal. Thus were formed the first Mudcrabs, who would go on to set forth the Chitin Precepts in addendum to the Dragon's House of Bones.

Originally numbered eighteen less one in tribes: Anuic principles, which demand a proper Ordering, and thus a change from prior settings, witnessed a controlled maiming to ensure that one went missing in the right way. To be more specific, missing while reaching the right way.

The remaining tribes then debilitated on form further and styled themselves with eight limbs proper. Six for walking and two for grasping which would inevitably be cut off when approaching the divine plate. The duration of all of this would eventually end on the second dawn, first of the current era, and thus Day One since numbers began to have a singular definition.

Eventuality dictated that arbitrary rule saw unanimous disagreement that lead to the crowning of Emperor Crab the Many. Why? The point is rendered mute. But historical context dependent on the nature of Nirn, that is to say Gray Maybe, demanded it happen regardless, and thus formed the first Chitin Empire of Tamriel. Which was then called, in no particular order, click-click-snap-snap.

However, this boneless structure lead to the ire of more than one Void Spirit, particularly one atypical Star who marshaled it's forces across a strictly split-minded sea. Thus began the First Transliminal War between the Chitin Empire and the Shivering Isles.

~Excerpt taken from the Journal of Forky, Captain of the Silverware Host who defeated the Stone-Fire-Crab Tribe in the Battle of Hot Butter
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