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Add on for tracking "story rewards"

Some quests give you as a reward a weapon, armor, or piece of jewelry with negligible mechanical worth, but has a nice story blurb about the quest you completed:


I think there are nice ways to remember all the adventures you had.
I'm currently keeping all of these in a new playthrough, but this is not really a scalable solution: in no way I will ever have enough space to keep them all.

I was wondering if there is an add-on that tracks the ones you already found, so that you can deconstruct them and revisit a "stickerbook-like" UI of sorts with the memories of your adventures, and read the flavor text.

It would be cool if ZOS could store this in an official "stickerbook" page, but in the meantime I'm asking if there is an add-on that serves such a need.

Thanks to everyone for any answers!
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