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Booted from server (steam)

Was recently booted from the server and now I can’t log back in. I either get placed in an endless queue or I get a contract hello message.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on March 14, 2021 6:17PM
  • Goofysean
    Soul Shriven
    Same here
  • SshadowSscale
    this is not a steam problem and second time this week
  • Kikazaru
    Yeah, I think the servers pooped itself, and it's the non steam version.

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  • SweetrollSloth
    I think it is fixed now, I have managed to get back in.
  • kieso
    Same but i have non steam version.
  • Canned_Apples
    Oh okay. Steam has had issues before. Sucks. Was in the middle of a siege.
  • Iphin
    I'm getting a log in queue randomly (non-Steam) on PC-NA.
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  • cyclonus11
    Whole server disconnected it seems. Steam or not.
  • Doc45
    Been sitting in the login queue for several minutes.
  • WiseSky
    Found a trick if you on PC

    Press W S A D "Sqaure" left left "Start" "Select"

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  • Canned_Apples
    Looks like it’s back up.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Earlier today there were some issues affecting the ESO servers on all platforms that led to login issues for a short time. This issue is now resolved and players should be able to log back in. With multiple threads on this topic we've decided to close this one. Further discussion can take place in this thread.
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