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[na][PvX][PST Weekday Evenings][All Day Saturday Events] The Infexious Inc is Recruiting Fellow GM's

Soul Shriven
Infexious Inc
  • New Guild
  • Accepting All
  • cp160+ for vets and Trials
  • Discord required for some events and all vet and Tials
  • Semi-Professional Leadership, so u dont have to
  • 100k Giveaway, monthly 50/50 raffles, and more!
  • ...just Search is in game.

Message In-Game: @Infexious1

Pleasant days, and warm nights be upon you and your loved ones.
-The Infexious One
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  • Infexious1
    Soul Shriven
    I am still in search of folks. best way is to message me by mail or friend request, or just search our guild.
    Edited by Infexious1 on April 21, 2021 4:37AM
  • Infexious1
    Soul Shriven
    Another month! wow. thats a while. been enjoying the new guild. 40 strong, and still going. Trial runs already running on wendesdays, and more planned soon. best way is to find me in game (@infexious1) or my discord (Infexious#1966). Either way, enoy ESO!
  • Almyria
    Hi there I'm looking for a guild to do end-game content with in particular as I've never had the opportunity to do trails. You folks sound like a great place to start. Could you give me a little more info on your activity schedule? I'm over 900 cp last i checked with characters in every alliance and class - currently favourites are magsorc healer and stamblade dps but trying to get my stam-DK tank going again too. Will try to mail you ingame for an invite.
    Edited by Almyria on May 3, 2021 8:11PM
    Only the Darkness is Eternal. For even in the brightest daylight there are always Shadows
  • Infexious1
    Soul Shriven
    @Almyria sure, we are doing Wednesday evenings for trials, have folks both learning and wanting to teach others how to run trials, but be are also PvX, and I want to get some gear runs in for folks wanting to make the jump to trials—including myself, running a trial for the first time on Wednesday? But yes, mail me or just search us and leave a message that you responded to my forum post. Thanks for the interest.
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