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Constellation Concerns

Soul Shriven
Greetings Fellow Travelers!
It's been like a dream these past few days... waking up with dreams that were just out of reach. Is it just me? or have other felt the Daedric Princes at work? My mount is unsure of me, as if I had begun to ride it for the first time after years apart. There are other changes also, things missing that were once there, as if part of me has been put in a box. Notes I have taken, written hastily in the light of the morn or a next to a candle. Try as I might... they are only glimpses.. then things slip away. One such dream I was in my Da's arms... he was pointing upwards to the sky to the constellations of the Mage, but it was as if his words were an language unknown to me. I know in my soul he called it The Mage, but what came out of his mouth was "Worfair", The Warrior became "Phtniss" and The Thief "Kropht". Surely this is the work of The Mad One, Sheogorath. Tying our tongues and confusing our minds with gibberish. I can only wonder what his reasoning is...

~Ariel Dawnstar, Traveler
  • Athan1
    A mere Daedric Lord could not restructure all of Aurbis, nor make stars shift to form new constellations. This could only have been the work of ZoSithis, the primordial spirit of chaos and the never-ending rebalancing of Nirn. (Since the name is a mouthful, mortals have shortened to "Sithis"). ZoSithis seeks to shake up Aurbis every once in a while, as it feels that constant change and patching benefits Aurbis - something that Anu and the original creators (devs) of Aurbis always opposed. But of course the Aedra are long dead.

    Unable to cope with all these sudden developments and shifts in the cosmic balance, the Star-Gazers were blinded and driven insane. As a result, they started referring to the new, skewed constellations, using gibberish ("worfair", "phtniss", "kropht"), but the sound minds of the peasants transliterated them to more familiar words. Like "psijic" the names of the new constellations were meant to be unpronounceable. Now the mortal inhabitants of Nirn have to use these revolting names for the stars.
    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
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