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  • Nomadic_Atmoran
    This is the kind of lore and world-building I like to see. Yes its fun that magic, gods and demons are all around. But the actions of men always seems to take a backseat to the over the top magical stuff that often falls flat for me. One of the biggest reasons that Orsinium is my favorite DLC is because its not this Saturday cartoon story about 1 dimensional villians. King Kurog is quite complex and his motives make sense.

    Im hoping that even though Dagon is the big bad here. That with it being about Imperials this time around we will get some actual political intrigue amongst the magic, gods and demons.
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  • MaisonNaevius
    It's very interesting .. some counciliors have turned out and not for the good.
    I have always suspected Vandacia of something negative. But there it is clear that he is preparing something for Longhouse dynasty.

    Note that between 2E 534 and 2E 582, some advisers had to be executed by Emperor Varen. Or simply fallen.
    There have been new counciliors in the meantime. And Varen seems to have kept them in place : Lovidicus, Abor, Faleria, Itinia, Jirich, Sophus and Vandacia. Those were in place under Leovic.
    I wonder what happened to Lucasta..

    Today, only Lovidicus, Itinia and Vandacia remain. It is not known that these became Abor, Faleria and Jirich.
    As for Plavi and Euraphus, I imagine that we will meet them ... Why are some counciliors identified with a first name?

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