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Has the population of BGs decreased?

I don't know if it's just me or the population of BGs decreased? Before Greymoor and few weeks after it, it was almost instant pop, I wasn't even able to finish my cigarette before my queue was up, and even after some break I had to wait usually less then a minute. Now it seems queue is a lot longer, ranging from 5min to 10. Sometimes it's instant, but usually it takes time.
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Has the population of BGs decreased? 28 votes

Population decreased.
nihoumab14_ESOmaxjapankAiphaton0lbertikusXargas13PhoenixGreyrumple9ApostateHoboDreadDaedrothJSlayer211WabanakiWarriorsillonan 12 votes
Stayed the same.
RedTalonNoctusRhaegar75WaffennachtcolossalvoidsHotdog_23buzzclopsGetAgrippa 8 votes
Population increased.
master_vanargandMariusghost84UrvothWolfyRapsRatchetKaar 5 votes
It's just a bug, duh!
Firstmepjtm1018Congrolios 3 votes
  • RedTalon
    Stayed the same.
    Same people more or less always doing bgs in NA PC server no real change.
  • jtm1018
    It's just a bug, duh!
    I doesnt take 10 minutes to enter one.

    Less if somebody rage quit.
  • JSlayer211
    Population decreased.
    I would say the population has decreased slightly. People are still putting their characters and builds back together. This is the most disruptive update I've ever seen. You can't just log back in and start where you left off. I'm sure it will surge once people complete gear collections. I'm still farming dungeons for weapons. I'd much rather be back in BG's.
  • Firstmep
    It's just a bug, duh!
    Always useful to put your server and platform in the title or the original post.
    Populations can greatly vary depending on where you are.
    On that note, pc EU seems fine, AFAIK there are fewer premades rn, at least fewer premades that I know.
    Solo queue seems same as before.
  • Urvoth
    Population increased.
    The PC NA high mmr player base definitely increased with Markarth and Flames of Ambition compared to Greymoor. A ton of players quit during Harrowstorm and Greymoor because of the solo only queue alongside other issues like no new PvP content, but a lot of players have been coming back during the last two patches.
  • PhoenixGrey
    Population decreased.
    If open world was not laggy AF i would never step in a BG. Why ?

    1. No decent PVP'er actually plays bg's anymore. Procs have taken care of that.
    2. BG's PVP is procs vs procs. Give CP option to fix this
    3. Magicka classes are practically useless.
    4. DM is not an option

  • WabanakiWarrior
    Population decreased.
    Thanks to no proc cyro, if you want to do both cyro and bg's you need two completely different builds. Can't just switch a couple things and Q up anymore. I find it a real hassle, haven't been in bg's for a while. I know others who feel the same way
    PS4 NA
    Grand Master Crafter, PVP, Housing nerd
  • LinearParadox
    It's basically impossible to tell the population because the two main factors you'd use to judge those metrics are Queue time, and player repetition(seeing the same players again and again) and both of those are broken.

    Queue times have been broken for over a year now and if you look elsewhere on the forums you'll see that their "MMR" system is either non-existent, or functionally non-existent due to how poorly it matches people.

    It's honestly disgusting how neglected and abandoned the PvP side of things is. $$$ shop items are fixed within days, dungeons and overland content bugs fixed within weeks. PvP issues? Literal YEARS and they're unfixed.
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