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PvP style pages

Hey I appreciate that PvPers should get something exclusive to them but can we make the style pages available to people who hate PvP content? I have been trying to get the horned dragon helmets for over a year now and not only is the drop rate of every horned dragon style page completely abysmal but you need to collect so many of them to get the set. One piece at a time. I cannot just farm PvP to get them I have to dedicate time every single day to doing something I hate and then win at it when the enemy can do things like animation cancel to win while I cannot because I simply have a worse computer and internet connection. Not only that but I have to come in at least second place which is often just impossible for me. I have spent the last 2 hours doing battlegrounds to get the purple reward on ONE character of 5. I was literally about to get a win too but the game decided to randomly log me out to the character select screen and then claim I deserted which is just insult to injury. At this rate I will have to spend 10 hours of my day doing something I despise to probably not even get a style page, let alone one I am looking for. Look I'm not saying that we should take these away from being PvP rewards, that's cool. But maybe consolidate them into being fewer style pages to get and allow them to drop from losing matches too like the team themed style pages?
  • VaranisArano
    Horned Dragon? I'm so sorry.

    Seriously, this is one where even the PVPers struggle with finishing it because ZOS, in their infinite wisdom, decided to not remove the pages you already have from the drop table. You'll still "get" the chance at the style page, but you won't get the duplicates. The result is that the more pages you have, the longer it takes to get the last ones and with nothing to show for it.

    ZOS did fix this for future BG styles, and I think they could adopt a similar fix for Horned Dragon and Fanged Lair styles.

    1. Like later BG styles, set a specific drop order for style pages to ensure that you get no duplicates and get all pages in a reasonable time frame
    2. Make the duplicates tradeable
    3. Create a token system for the style pages where victories let you purchase the pages you need.
  • WabanakiWarrior
    Just a little tip: from my experience, gaining new bg style motifs happens a lot more frequently the first few bg's you play on a new toon. There were a couple motifs I didn't have despite BG'ing all the time that I got immediately after creating a new toon. No idea why this is, maybe it's a mistake in the programming. But I would not be the least bit surprised if you rolled a new toon, played a couple bg's and got exactly what you're looking for
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