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Coming back for some stabby stabby. Are hybrid viable in 2021?

Coming back to ESO as I miss my fantasy fun after playing more Sci-fi for so long.

I have however noticed that Fantasy games seem to more focus on making you specialise in with physical (stam) or Magical (Mag) but Sci-Fi tends to blur these lines more.
I used to play hybrid characters for low end 'end game' not Vet trials etc and a bit of low end PvP.

I was trying to find changes to the basic attacks but can't find it in all the notes that I've missed so my simple question is "Are hybrids viable now in 2021 with the changes I've missed over the last couple of years?"

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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    I would ask in the PTS forums because they're about to rework CP for Flames of Ambition, which releases on March 8.

    On live and PTS, light & heavy attacks with any weapon now scale with your highest stat.

    On PTS, DW/2H/bow now give some hybrid bonuses, I THINK the new CP system is more hybrid friendly, all characters get 1,000 Weapon and Spell Damage, Spell & Weapon Critical from a lot of sources are being combined, and probably other relevant changes. So, I would ask on PTS forums or wait a few weeks—or try it out yourself!

    It also depends on whether you want to do PvE or PvP.
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  • Madrax573
    Ah cheers for that.

    I guess for the next couple of weeks I'll just level up my NB and do some of the storyline quests etc then hook into the new system when it drops.
    I'm a bomb technician. If you see me running, try to keep up!
  • etchedpixels
    If you don't care about the last 5% of performance in a given role then some hybrids definitely work. Mixing magicka/stamina doesn't because of the way certain things work but roles do. Having plenty of champion points also helps. Because of the way each CP in a given spot has less effect than the previous spreading 600 champion points across the two roles is really about the same as CP400-CP500 in each.

    I've had no trouble running stamina dps/tank hybrids and magicka anything hybrids. Not sure how it will play out on the PTS but on the current system the main trick seems to be to get a fair bit of your health in tanking mode from sets and instead of sets buffing the group use your extra magicka/stamina and skills to do so. This is because it's relatively easy to slot a load of health, but if you have a high base health you can't unslot it to get magicka/stamina.

    There are even crazy magicka tank builds that run with almost all magicka and rely on spamming shield skills.

    PTS looks like it will help a lot in this area too.
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  • Madrax573
    Ah righto.

    My old main character was a Mag DK that I would run with SnB and a staff on the back bar. So I'd often run in and 'fight' like a melee're but all my main abilities would all be mag focused. Had a blast and only when I tried vet content (which I don't often do as I'm a fairly casual player)

    I was contemplating something similar with a NB. and seeing as a lot of their class skills are dagger like it still gives the feel of a magic fighter rather than a mage type of feel.

    I'm keen on the new stuff coming if it's going to help out hybrids somewhat :)
    I'm a bomb technician. If you see me running, try to keep up!
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