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What to do to fix pvp ?

First i only only play pvp, so it important to me to get it fixed so plz don come with comment that doesn't hav anything to do with the topic.

So this has been tested.

1 : no healing outside your group

2: group size reduced to 12

3: no proc sets test ongoing

So i have a test that i'll like to see

Remove all addons in cyrodiil and remove all outside possibilities to use scripts into the game.

if any addons shall be in pvp Cenimax shall make them and only these allowed in pvp.

i don't think this is a hardware issue but either outside influence in to the game og code issues

  • JayKwellen
    There's already a testing ecosystem absent of outside influence. It's called console. Performance is still trash.
    Xbox NA - JaeKwellen
    AD PvP
    Trying to main a magcro. This is awful.
  • Anyron
    1) i agree with that one with you. Healing skills become too unreliable to really use in pvp - i am talking about that "SMART" IQ1 heals which target other players, even when i am at 20% and they are at 100%.
    I would do it differently though. Lets put in settings option you can enable/disable cross healing so there can still exist pvp random healers but regeneration can be used solo too.

    2)group size Isn't issue for me, as a solo player i can still work with it and just chew players of that group. More people together may cause lag but i think bigger issue is here with stacking hots and spamming purge
    Make purge with global cooldown 4seconds so it cannot be spammed
    Make hots unable to stack, one hot rewrites other

    3) while i love playing this game myself, not letting sets play it for me, it limits build variability. I would let them be, but i would change malacath and lower proc set damage by 30% for most.
    Dot proc sets shouldnt be able to stack too
    Edited by Anyron on February 27, 2021 7:10AM
  • erio
    Not all "procs" are bad. Playing with pure statsticks is fun and sooo skillbased etc etc but having some "proc" sets would make it more fun imo.
    Edited by erio on February 27, 2021 7:13AM
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