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Game FPS Drops After about an hour playing

Hello. New player here. Seems like Everytime i Load Eso to play it runs perfectly fine for about an hour then after an hour My FPS drops real real low and in order to fix this i need to restart my game client then boom everything runs fine again. then after another hour real low again. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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  • Chrysa1is
    Sounds like a PC issue
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  • SuicideSpleen
    Chrysa1is wrote: »
    Sounds like a PC issue

    Well lets see here. I went ahead and

    -reinstalled windows
    -updated drivers
    -ran windows update
    -ran memory diagnostic-all good
    -checked hardrive for errors-all good
    lowered graphics settings to low in elderscrolls online

    and this is also happening to one of my buddies who plays too. its really weird, like i said it runs great for the first hour. then fps drops really really low but it gets fixed once you restart client. but then it happens again. idk what to do. I submitted a ticket to them. will see i guess
  • Ultravylence
    It may be thermal throttling in your PC after a period of time playing the game. Try playing with your case open a time or two, that is if you don't have hardware/tools/know how to monitor this. May just need a good dusting, check that fans are running etc. Even thermal paste used on your CPU can "give" after years of use.

    The PC may cool down fairly quickly when you quit ESO, then heat back up again as you play.
  • RunForTheHills
    This is probably not your issue, but this will happen on mine after a few hours. I have a Dell XPS 17 laptop. When I use the USB dock with a 180W power supply, it doesn't keep up with charging the battery under a very heavy load like running ESO. When the battery gets low enough, the laptop switches to a power saving mode that reduces the performance of the computer. However, the standard 130W power supply attached directly to the laptop has no problem keeping the battery at 100%.
  • erio
    Chrysa1is wrote: »
    Sounds like a PC issue

    Its not. Ive had this issue for years across multiple pcs. The game clearly has a memory leak issue.
  • erio
    I have a 2070 super, 3700x, 16 gb 3600hz ram, ssd, and my fps starts out great at 130. An hour later its suck at 40-60. @ZOS when will you fix these issues?
  • zaria
    erio wrote: »
    I have a 2070 super, 3700x, 16 gb 3600hz ram, ssd, and my fps starts out great at 130. An hour later its suck at 40-60. @ZOS when will you fix these issues?
    Check how much ram is free, 16 gb is pretty average today and chrome and other stuff can easy eat half of it.
    I say eso don't use much memory, but check if it increases.
    Your GPU and CPU is good, and your start fps is very good.
    However I'm currently using over 16 gb memory just with chrome, edge visual studio and services.
    Memory is also used for cache, both from disk but also for graphic card memory, how much memory do your GPU have?

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  • Azphira
    It's been ongoing since 2014 and It gets worse the farther you get from 2014 hardware.

    You should see the decay on a 3090 64gb 16 core 3840x1600 system.
  • relentless_turnip
    I have this issue semi regularly. It was rampant for everyone a few patches a go. Might have been during dragonhold. It was known as "memory leak". The only thing you can do is close ESO when it occurs and reopen it. Keep an eye on the shader cooked file too. If it gets to large delete it. It will rebuild when the game launches. It will take a while for the game to start up after doing this.
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  • Vanya
    What is your GPU,RAM ,CPU usage? Do you play from Laptop? Maybe a memory leak or over-heating. My guess is laptop or battery but depends I can play 6-7 hours on laptop without experiencing major FPS drop

    I cannot really give you expert response
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  • Ravenwatch_Warlord
    I can confirm that this is happening in the last few days, as someone mentioned it looks a like a memory leak issue which is very rare in 2021 ...
  • danno8
    This is nothing new. I used have this issue a year or two ago when it miraculously went away after a couple of months. There is a huge thread on it if you can find it in the tech support area.
  • danno8

    For example. There are loads of these threads if you search for "FPS drops over time"

    It is not a memory leak, I tested. It is not add-ons (a favorite for white knights) I tested with completely removing my addon folder.

    It has never been solved. Rezoning or restarting fixes it.
  • ZOS_BillE
    The thread linked below contains various troubleshooting that can help with framerate and performance issues while playing ESO.

    Severe FPS drop after greymoor chapter release #2
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