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Darkshade Caverns 2 Ebon Wolf Lead Not Dropping

Over 200 runs on one character. Almost 50 runs across other characters. And this lead will NOT drop. I've ran the dungeon on both veteran and normal. I've cleared save data. I've even reinstalled the game!
I've checked that I haven't already collected the lead. I've done literally everything I can think of. This is the last lead I need for the mount. It's honestly frustrating as hell. People that I've ran the dungeon with have got the lead on their first try. And I can't get it after over 200 runs? Yes I kept track because it started getting ridiculous.
This doesn't even seem like bad RNG anymore. It's pathetic and frustrating.
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  • JanTanhide
    I feel your pain. Dang! For me it was rather quick. Think I ran it two or three times. But I do agree the RNG is outrageous at times. I've run another dungeon which I won't list here over 100 times to get a particular drop and nada.

    Good luck!
  • Zer0_CooL
    Had the same problem, ran about 10-15 times, then i realised i already have the lead.
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