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EHT addon question/suggestion

Is there a way to change the ingame music for a certain house?

If not I would like to suggest this as a feature. Sometimes the music from the area where the house is located does not go well with the theme I want to make for that house, or I just want to change it, to hear something else. For example, I really like the violin piece from the Gold Coast (Linchal), but I can't listen to it in other houses.
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  • FrumpyCourage
    No, currently you cannot change the music. And tbh I doubt that feature will be made available any time soon, if at all...
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  • Sir Tanks a lot
    Sir Tanks a lot
    If you open the EHT button's FX menu you can add a number of different music overrides to a specific area or the whole house even. You will just need to publish your FX to the community for all players to hear it as well.
  • DarkCleros_DC
    Soul Shriven
    Hello everyone! So I took a break from game for little while, upon returning noticed my house has a problem.

    I have 3 areas where I have music that plays when approached (music from special FX, not music box). For life of me I can't get music to play, shows listed & placed. I even went to one of my other homes I use for storage, added sound effect & still none of the various music is playing....any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for any help!
    DarkCleros (DC)
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