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On joining Great House Dres in the ESO.

Hello, everyone. This is a post to notify our esteemed UESP team (@Enodoc, @Aliyavana, other guys) about the possibility of joining Great House Dres in the ESO since I haven't found neither an article on this matter on Internet, nor a certain line in the respective UESP article of the Other Joinable Factions (joining confers little to no tangible benefit). I think this information would be helpful to many players who were disappointed much to find the lack of ability to join any of the Dunmeri Great Houses in the ESO, as well as to those who would like to style themselves as a Great House member.

As I have found it out, the ability to do so has been granted since Update 12, and I have described it as a side topic in a parallel thread of the General section here. Below is a brief idea of it. It is not possible to join the House the way we join, say, the Fighters or Mages Guilds - a player has to perform certain actions and understand the meaning of it's result, because the game won't say "Welcome to House Dres!" or any such things. It just gives a certain title and a dialogue line, but it surely can be enough to support the immersion of those who wish. Please, take a look into into it, and if you find the information credible, could you make a respective note on the UESP "Other joinable factions" list? Thank you much for your attention, guys.

Two steps can be done to join Great House Dres:
1. Completing the Vengeance for House Dres quest makes the Dres Grandmaster name us a Hand of Dres. According to Omin's own words, it is a close friend and ally of House Dres - "I now name you the Hand of Dres and offer you my aid, should you need it in the future. To their friends, the Dres are generous" and "Well done, my ally. Always remember you have the ear of this Dres grandmaster, should you need it". The quest does not provide an applicable title, and it is not clear if it is a certain rank with the House or not. All that is certain that it is a very powerful position in the House hierarchy no matter official or not - this makes us closely affiliated with the House.
2. And, secondly, since Update 12 we have another, a more credible direct option to get a certain rank and a title within the House hierarchy. Players have to buy the Ebonheart Chateau, and thus will be granted the rank and the title of a Councilor - a House Dres councilor, since the manor is located in the Dres lands close to the city of Ebonheart governed by Great House Dres (Drathus Othral - "we who rule Ebonheart are of House Dres"). Yes, the title is either earned by great achievements, or simply bought by those who can afford it - nothing unusual here :). I tried to look at this title as it being the rank in, say, House Indoril or even the Grand Council of Morrowind, but those versions have no credible tenets. So, the players become members of the Council of Great House Dres.

Councilor rank details and an option to join Great House Dres in ESO for everyone. To those who might find this information on the rank of House councilor new or simply interesting:
In 3E 427 the rank of Councilman of both the House Redoran Ranks and House Hlaalu Ranks (though, unlike the House Telvanni Ranks - those are just a bit different) will be the 9th, one of the two highest ranks of the 10 existing, it will be second only to the Grandmaster. There are no statements anywhere that this system has ever been changed at any period of time since the age when the early Chimeri tribes formed the first Great Houses. And the Dres do have the same system, as we see it in the game, since the title of Omin is called "Grandmaster" - just the same way it is called within the Hlaalu ranks. Though the Redoran highest ranks is called the "Archmaster", all the other ranks are equal to House Hlaalu ones - this makes it highly likely the ranks of Great House Dres consist of the same namings. Whatever they are, TES 3 rank "Councilman" is also a synonym to the rank "Councilor" (Redoran Councilman Miner Arobar - "I am a councilor of House Redoran"). So, the players become the members of the Dres Council, they are equal to other Dres councilors, and they are second only to Grandmaster Omin.

The rank of Councilor (or Councilman) (in TES 3 especially)provides the following benefits:
1. House daily business and participation in it's political activity;
2. Full legislative, executive, and a judiciary power over the governed lands and assets (councilors are House nobles and landowners);
3. HR functions, i.e. adoption and advancement to higher ranks in a Great House for the candidates who proved their skills and loyalty;
4. The right to elect and be elected House leader;
5. The right to elect and be elected House Hortator.

So, it is a very high rank, and I suppose many players would be interested in obtaining the title more, than before. I think it is the reason to add a line to the UESP article with a note stating that players become the members of the Council of House Dres and are granted the respective rank as an in-game title. Player guilds is a very good tool to perform the duties of a Great House member - we can't perform it by questing or something, but we can make guilds representing Great House Dres ruled by such councilors. Since Councilors do have power to perform the functions I have described above, by accepting players, who do not have the title, into such guilds, they officialy and lore-wisely accept new members into the Great House Dres ranks.

I have already created such a guild, it is called 'Great House Dres. Yes, there is an apostrophe in the beginning of it's name, since some other similar names have been already taken. The structure of the guild recreates the one of the Houses Redoran and Hlaalu - they are almost equal in their ranks except the title of the House leader. It's all made lore-wise, with the highest rank of Councilor (no Grandmaster rank since our Grandmaster is already present - it's Omin Dres, and he's an NPC residing in his palace in Kragenmoor) and the permissions already set according to the powers and duties performed by the Houses' members depicted in the games. My rank there is Councilor too (Councilor Hlervu, since the guild tool forces to appoint a formal guild leader) and my part will be just to maintain the whole system, keep it friendly to all members, and help the Council perform it's activities (like executing the Council's decision to appoint new councilors) being equal with them in all other permissions.

The "guild" is open to everyone irrespectively of playing style and preferred game modes (we welcome PvPers (I'm a PvPer in Cyrodiil myself), PvErs, crafters, roleplayers, etc. - everyone) with only two major restrictions - first, a candidate to join the council has to buy the Ebonheart chateau in order to be recognized as a Dres councilor by the game, and, second, all the members of Great House Dres are not allowed to fight against the Pact in Cyrodiil, since our House is the member of the Ebonheart Pact. Regarding everything else - play the games, read the UESP and heed the decisions of the House Council :). I haven't accepted any members yet, will do it soon, but those who wish to help me, help us, start out - you're welcome, feel free to join our ranks! PC EU.

Thank you for your attention and for reading this wall of text, mates! Have a great day.
  • Thevampirenight
    The UESP has a certain process, that it works under, anything has to be verified at least through a source, Even as honorary members, Ravenwatch is one example but its more of an honary thing at the end of the Dark Heart of Skyrim year long adventure and there is one group in Hammerfell we join during that questline and possibly other group , but not really get any real benefits. I don't think Dres is one of those honorary or in game storyline joinable groups. Its unlikely Zenimax would give us the possibility of really joining them. For obvious reasons, if you know Dres Lore.
    I don't think there is anything that says the player joins House Dres, its just they gave the player the title Hand of Dres. But it isn't a title you can put on your character. Its just an dialogue you are called that title.
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    Please add Fangs to Vampires.
  • Enodoc
    I wouldn't consider a title granted by an achievement as equivalent of joining a faction. You can get the title Lord/Lady by buying Daggerfall Overlook, the title of Clan Father/Mother by buying Serenity Falls, and the title Count/Countess by buying all three manors, but you don't actually earn those ranks within the Nobility because those are either hereditary or granted by the local ruler.

    So no, while it's definitely great for role-playing, I don't think a title granted by buying a house is equivalent to gaining that rank within any specific factions.
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