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Sticker Book - Does the reconstruct work at all if you don't know any traits?

Haven't reconstructed anything yet and I don't have any characters that are 9/9 traits anymore but I wanted to know for answers to others.

Will the Reconstruct even complete if you don't know any traits yet?

Will the item be w/o a trait if it does complete. Does it have any mechanism for traits like the drop quality?
  • FrancisCrawford
    Mythic items can be reconstructed in their default trait without problem.

    I'm not optimistic about any others.
  • Nwevyn
    Non-mythic items require at least one trait be known for the item (otherwise the "reconstruct" button is greyed out).

    Items quality can be improved over the default at time of reconstruction. However, this will require the same amount of tempers as if you took the item to the appropriate crafting station and "manually" improved it. So, you definitely want to spend the skill points in the "expertise" passive in the appropriate crafting passive.
  • etchedpixels
    You need to know the trait you want to reconstruct in. So when levelling you probably want to learn a couple of traits for each piece you use (training, reinforced, divines etc). If you are going to pull stuff out at higher standard you also want the passives or you have to shunt back and forth with your crafter to do it.

    Would be nice if you could pull out below your own level on the crafter really but it doesn't seem possible.

    If you are levelling toons it's really worth getting the full sets that you use because you can then make it for 25 crystals and decon for 25 and remake the new level every couple of levels in its base (green or blue for dungeon sets) at no cost (in fact it often saves cost because you never have to repair gear!)

    There are also no restrictions on what you can reconstruct at low level except for monster helms and mythics and maybe some special items. That also makes it useful because you can pull out gear you can't otherwise get due to level limits.
    Too many toons not enough time
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