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[The Order of the Griffin] - Social, PvX & events guild!


Who are we?
The Order of the Griffin is a guild that wants to create a social community within ESO for questing, levelling, achievement hunting and trading. We are a casual laidback PvX guild open to any and all to partake in every activity from trials and PvP, to levelling from lvl1 and fishing. We are foremost an Aldmeri Dominion guild when it comes to PvP, however members from other factions run PvP events for their factions within the guild also.

What is the current state of the guild currently?
Currently we stand at a roster of 76 in-game members, and 50 of those are discord active! We try to run weekly events such as Lawn Darts, Guildhall quiznights, World Boss runs, Dungeons that are being done by members constantly and a guild raffle draw every Friday. And we are constantly trying to add events so suggest any you want to do!

Guild platforms
Our greatest platform and tool for organising the guild is our discord. We have a current 50/76 members in our discord with a great team of Admins, Mods and Lieutenants. We also have a new steam group for notifications on guild events through steam though this is currently being worked on.

What features do we have?
In-game we have our heraldry, guild bank and store unlocked.
Off-game we have our discord where we have channels for many things that include:
>Voice channels for PvP, PvE or just chatting.
>Our raffle channel with a ledger detailing the potential up to date pot winnings.
>Screenshot channel.
>Our gear channel where you post sets you are hunting for in-case anyone has spares you can have.
>Channels for suggestions of any kind to improve the guild and along side that a channel for voting on changes that require a majority to agree on.
So we have many things to do in our discord alone and it really is the focal point of the guild.

What are the requirements?
None. Nothing. Just ask to be invited and you will be added. Hopefully we have what you're looking for and if not, drop a suggestion in the channel then we will.

To join simply message @Griffster9118, @Shadowedcross or @Escapegoate1713 in-game. Alternatively you can join our discord (https://discord.gg/CJxY94CEvT) and request there!

We hope to see you soon!
GM of Niben Bay Trading - PCEU
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