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To the nice EP I met who spared me

It all happened so fast I couldn't catch your name. I was coming down the ladder from temple district and you were standing down the ramp. I told you I was only there for my daily and that I did not want to fight.

You sheathed your weapon and we waved to each other. It made me smile...

Sadly a large group of my own alliance came down right then, and they did not know you were cool. I tried to stop them from jumping you, I am sorry that your kindness was paid back like that-

I hope you see this post and know that you made my night, I don't often bump into people who understand my hatred of fighting. I am only there for the event.
  • Udrath
  • Araneae6537
    For what it’s worth, it sounds like that player would likely have been jumped by the large group regardless and you shouldn’t feel that it was a result of your actions or the other player’s kindness. But I understand and would have felt bad too!

    And as much as I do enjoy PvPing (even though I’m still a newb potato), it does make me happy when people choose restraint with others who are questing, exploring, etc. I’ve had several such encounters in towns in Cyrodill some time before the event. Usually there’s a few moments of facing one another in a defensive posture and then unspoken understanding and we go about our business.
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