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New Player - Research Priority

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to ask the community as to what should I focus on when researching gears? I play wood elf stamblade and my initial goal for now is to be able to craft my own equipment both for farming, PvE (such as killing monster and leveling), and PvP. Reason I asked this is because I don't wanna research randomly and later in life, researching a trait that I desperately need but I have to wait for few weeks to finish.

It would be nice if one could provide a visual chart regarding this topic specifically for stamblade.

  • Beardimus
    Basically always have a trait researching is key, I think in all crafts.

    Stamblade I'm sure someone will advise a build but generically I'm guessing mainly medium armour (well fitted / Impen PvP, divines / infused good too)

    Bow i dunno meta at the mo, sharpened, infused, same with your melee which will be 2H or dual wield

    Nirn you need to buy from a trader or get nirncux and as a crafter to make for you.

    Always have a timer ticking, decon everything to level too.
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  • Provin915
    For PvE I'd research divine first for sure. After that do whichever you want (impen/training). Try to level the professions and invest the points into the reduced research time. This also allows you to research up to 3 items.
  • Chocoffee
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you very much for all the answers. They were very informative and useful to a new player like myself.
  • JKorr
    If you find a good guild, there will probably be crafters. If you know a crafter, you can ask for the traits you want to research, when you're ready to research them. Some crafters will do research items [except nirnhoned and jewelry] for free, especially if you offer to provide the mats. They'll usually do the nirnhoned and jewelry free if you provide the nirncrux and the jewelry trait stones. Nirncrux and the jewelry traits aren't as easy to acquire as the others. Asking for traits to research avoids the problem of not having matching traits on gear you craft.
  • etchedpixels

    Try and research the same number of things in each item you care about. That way you will hit 3 traits very fast, and 5 traits fairly soon. You don't need too many traits to make some of the useful crafted gear.

    Start by researching the ones you need for your toon on the pieces you need (as best you can). This matters because when you reconstruct gear with crystals you need to know the traits to reconstruct them in. It's more of a consideration with 2nd or later toons. You can usually find trash stuff in any trait (non set stuff etc) dirt cheap in guild stores.

    If you don't have the skill points free to work on all pick one of the wood/cloth/blacksmithing ones and get it up a chunk. This is because you'll then get a steady supply of decent armour repair kits which saves you lots of gold.

    Try and keep something researching all the time, and collect the extra skyshards/dungeon quests/group events to put skills into the research side (once you've done all the research you respec them back to somewhere else).

    Do dungeons, they are a great source of trash for deconstruction, inspirational items and research material. For XP the daily random matters, for gear to work on anything is as good so just running a fast easy one regularly (eg Darkshade 1 or Wayrest - avoid FG1 as it's full of anti-social last boss only speedruuners) is a good way to stock up. Personally I run randoms until level 45 then pick dungeons.

    Too many toons not enough time
  • Athan1
    For low levels I'd go with whatever is faster. Divines and infused are probably the best traits to prioritise. If you stick to the lowest ones, the traits will fill up quickly.
    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
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