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Looking for New ESO Friends on PSN/NA

Hello ESO fans, this is Nichorusso. I'm looking to make some new friends on ESO who do PVE, or PVP, or maybe you're going through a rough patch of pumpkins and just want to chat. I am very knowledgable about ESO as well, and I am a Master Crafter. Im into all sorts of things, and usually down for any convo. I have a career in audio broadcasting for television in my real life so we can chat about that or you can share what you do, or whatever. Let's just hang out, and get stuff done too.

HMU on PSN: Nichorusso

Hope to see you!
  • Ken_Koerperich
    I'm on PS5 Enhanced.

    Always use friends who want to help.

    Solo what I can, "Zone" call when I can't.

    Lv 26 Aldemeri in Auridon.

  • Ken_Koerperich
    So I take it you're actually NOT after friends....

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