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Was about to start farming a dps set (berserking warrior)...bad idea?

I see there is a proposed nerf to this set. Until the dust settles about the changes to crit chance & cp system, do I forget about farming any dps sets?
  • Melivar
    To do nothing but farm it is likely not the best use of time though it is still going to be a pretty good set but maybe not the 100% choice all the time.

    Doing HRC is pretty quick and easy even with Craglorn pug groups and in the process there are a few other sets you can pick up like Vicious Serpent which is pretty good for solo farming , as well as some other sets.

    With ESO you never know when a set will swing into favor and with the sticker book having everything possible can't hurt with future changes.
  • El_Borracho
    Berserking Warrior is a solid set and has been for years. Its also been one of those up and down sets that go in and out of fashion, but even when "down" its a solid set. As @Melivar said, its really easy to farm. However, you only need weapons and jewelry as the set is heavy, which means you'll want to run it on vet. Massive upside is jewelry will drop in gold

    An alternative set is Tzvogin's out of Frostvault. Its a medium set so you can mix and match. I run it on a PVE Werewolf and its great.
  • zvavi
    It is still stronger than what it was before the initial buff it got, it was a solid set before the buff.
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