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The White Gold Scholars [Elder Scrolls Lore and Trivia/Crafting/PvE/Social]

Soul Shriven
We are a casual friendly guild that's looking for people who appreciate, or want to learn more about the lore of the Elder Scrolls universe or would like to share their own knowledge of their own findings! For those looking to ask questions, or take part in discussions about the goings on in Tamriel, we aim to make this the space to ask likeminded people your burning questions!

We are an older guild who has fallen out of ESO in recent months, but we plan to get it back on its feet with a new name and focus for the community!

In the (hopefully) near future, we plan on hosting Weekly Elder Scrolls trivia nights, invites for group content, and more in the future as we move forward!

We remain a safe space for anyone, and are 100% supportive of the LGBT+ community and any allies who may want to join.

Feel free to post a userID below if you are interested in joining up!
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