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The Sanctuary of Saint Veloth [Dunmer Tribunal Temple RP]



Who we are: We're a mostly Dunmeri Roleplaying guild playing within the framework of the Tribunal Temple in Morrowind. The aims of our guild are to facilitate character driven rp for members while playing off the backdrop of the golden age of the Tribunal ALMSIVI, Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec.

We believe that every type of roleplayer can find the rp guild that best suits their roleplay style, and that the rp community should be open and helpful in facilitating that. OUR style, as far as Dunmer rp goes, is one that revolves around a more "Studio Ghibly" esthetic, with characters developing meaningful relationships through casual rp, an emphasis on spiritual and cultural concepts that define the Dunmer (Think hinduism, astheticism, and Mysticism) as well as having periodic exciting things happen to drive the storytelling forward.

While some other Temple guilds might use keywords like : Plots and intrique, Dark Fantasy, Mystery, Sword and Sorcery, or even War Fantasy, over here we're doing stuff that you'd describe with terms like: Immersive Heroic Fantasy, Wuxia (think wire-fu chinese fantasy) and FPS RP: Free Play Story Role-play.

We believe in colaboration. Our entire community DMs. We believe that by creating an atmosphere of creativity, our guild is enlivened and made into something beautiful. This type of RP gives you a story, then lets you play freely alongside the story. The most popular RPs of this kind are that of an interesting story that immerses you in it, with vivid descriptions and good Role-players.

For this reason, we're not huge recruiters. We believe in Quality over Quantity, but we aren't judgmental either. We welcome newcomers and are happy to facilitate exploration. Come on and see if you vibe with what we're doing with no pressure. If you fit with our jam, welcome to the club! If not, we know several other guilds with varrying styles, and we'd be happy to network you with them. :)


The Sanctuary of Saint Veloth is a cloister of Tribunal Clergy within the walls of Doldenfal (Snow Sentinel) protected by a garrison of Ordinators. This Stronghold sits on the Border of Skyrim, high in the Velothi mountains at Dunmereth Pass in the Diocese of Uld Vraech of House Redoran's ancestral Homeland. Down the Pass west, into Skyrim is the City of Windhelm. To the East, Dunmereth Village, and further, the towns of Mandul, Gargen-Huul, Cormaris, and eventually, Baan Maluur (Blacklight) on the coast of the Inner Sea.


Ordination: Holy guards and warrior-priests, the Ordinators dedicate themselves to serving the Tribunal Temple and the Living Gods worshiped therein. Organized into four specific orders, the Ordinators extend the will of the Tribunal throughout Morrowind and are characterized by their distinctive gold armor and face masks.


The Order of the Watch provides protection for the Tribunal's temples and shrines, as well as stationing guards at Tribunal towns and cities, including Vivec City. In addition to policing Tribunal settlements and guarding Tribunal holy sites, Ordinators of the Watch enforce Temple law. These Ordinators are the most visible of all the orders, interacting with the populace on a regular basis.

Scholars comprise the Order of Doctrine and Ordination, vigorously studying the words of the Living Gods and supporting the will and orthodox teachings of the Tribunal. They serve as arbiters of the reigning doctrine and oppose false and dangerous views, such as those held by the Nerevarine Prophecies and other dissident teachings.

The Order of Inquisition seeks out heresy among Temple priests and Dark Elf citizens alike, protecting them from corrupting influences. Serving as both an investigative body and Justices that hold hearings and court proceedings, members of this order place heretics on trial and then deal out whatever correction is deemed appropriate.

Finally, the Order of War battles the enemies of the Temple in all its forms, including hostile cults and Daedra worshipers operating in Dunmer territory. The holy soldiers are among the finest, most-dedicated, and best-trained warriors in all of Morrowind, blessed by the Tribunal itself and charged with defending its will.

Clergy: Ordained Clerics and Mystics, the priesthood dedicate themselves to serving the Tribunal Temple and the Living Gods worshiped therein. Organized into three specific Academies, the Clergy extend the will of the Tribunal throughout Morrowind and are characterized by their distinctive robes and vestments.


The Ayemists are the healers and councilors of the Tribunal Temple. Beloved of Mother Morrowind, compassionate seekers and strivers to improve the quality of life within their Diocese. These philanthropists are adepts in the school of restoration, the study of alchemy, surgery, and herbalism. Many devote themselves to running soup kitchens, orphanages, and Houses for the less fortunate. They are the compassionate Hands of ALMSIVI.

The Sehtists are scholars and wizards, seeking to plumb the depths of knowledge, following in the footsteps of the Clockwork King. They are writers and librarians, enchanters and scientific researchers. Some are historians, others inventors, and all are philosophers. They are the thoughtful Mind of ALMSIVI's will.

The Vehkanists are the poets, choirmer, dancers, and artists of the Temple. They are the pilgrims and the missionaries. They spread the light of ALMSIVI where it has not yet reached, both into ancient Daedric ruins, and into the darkened hearts of the doubtful. Some are relic seekers, others tacticians. Preachers and Orators. Many run bardic troupes, Musical colleges, Sacred Brothels, Theaters, and Conservatories of Dance. They are the burning heart of ALMSIVI’s Passion.

Dissident Priests: The Dissident Priests are a secretive cult consisting of Tribunal Temple members who dispute the Temple's dogmatic foundations and question the process of ALMSIVI's elevation to divinity. They are a diverse group, and argue Temple doctrine among themselves, seeking deeper truthes. A small cell of Dissident Priests may or may not operate within the walls of the Sanctuary.

Pact Soldiers: As a strategic location, being one of only two passes that cross the Velothi Mountains, Doldenfal houses transitioning garrisons of Pact Soldiers as they are moved between Skyrim and Morrowind, and is an important waystop for the war effort.

House Redoran: The Abbey of Saint Meris sits within the holdings of great house Redoran. While the pious house donated the stronghold to the Tribunal, it still has a strong presence, both military and political, and Agents of House Redoran frequently garrison with the Pact Soldiers stationed there.

Buoyant Armigers: Friendly rivals to the Ordinators, the buoyant armigers are predominantly Redoran military masters who have dedicated themselves to the service of Lord Vivec. While a small order in the scheme of things, they're more common in Redoranis, and sometimes rely on the Abbey of Saint Meris as a retreat for meditation and contemplation.


Guild Leader: @Satyrfey

Join our discord! : https://discord.gg/SYbgCnZhBE

And send us an Application on our Enjin Site: https://sosv.enjin.com/
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