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Will orbs finally work in PvP?

Soul Shriven
Kinda nice to see how many skills are actually bugged out completely during the last weeks/months.
Did you finally find a fix for bugged orbs in alliance war? (working perfectly fine in bg´s / pve content)
In cyro you can press the synergie button as often as you want but you don´t get synergies back.
Would appreciate a fix till midyear mayhem.


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  • NeillMcAttack
    Dude, you have only just posted, you didn’t even give them a chance to cry. [snip]

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  • Daffen
    Wish zos would actually acknowledge the bugs or at least respond that they are working on a fix. Judging by how they never fix anything or have literally 0% transparancy in what they are doing, probably not. They just sit and develop a new DLC/Chapter which is nice, but doesnt help when the game is not even working as intended. Hell, even the servers dont work as intended. The bug has been in the game since aoe tests started and has been reported multiple times by multiple people, yet the first bug fix maintenance they didnt say anything about it in their thread with bugs they knew about. It feels like they are trying to hide the bugs away from the forums and ignore them so that we, will in the end also ignore them.

    Hire more people to work on bug fixing/balance changes and have proper communication between pvp/pve veterans since we literally know more about the game than the developers themselves. You have Q&A testers, and free Q&A testers on the PTS server and yet you dont acknowledge half of the bugs we post about in the PTS forum before months after in some weird patch without even talking about it in patch notes.
  • Vevvev
    Oh so its not just me having this problem. I never could understand why I couldn't activate the orbs as there were multiple times I saw one flying by and tried to activate it for the damage/healing they did. Figured it was a lag related thing for a while.
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  • NightAngel690
    It’s not just orbs...budding spores is also bugged.
  • Kartalin
    They do work in IC, same as healing outside your group.
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