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Latam Guild / Hermandad Latina/ Spanish speaking / La Comunidad del Dominion PC-NA

I wanted to take advantage of this space to invite Spanish-speaking players in Latin América. (I hope one day it will be officially translated into Spanish :-))
We are a small but welcoming guild. We are "La Comunidad del Dominion".

There are many Latino guilds, but well, most of them tend to be so big that they don't end up playing as a team (although they have very good intentions to help). For this reason, with some friends we have started to grow our guild, where we are few but we know each other a lot. We are also open to incorporating people to help us by organizing events and recruiting more people always with the aim of having fun together.

We are open to welcoming novice, casual and even experienced players will have a place. On Saturdays and Sundays we do normal trials and already several members are ready for VET trials. Daily we do bonus dungeons and pledges. We do casual PVP . Our house has a transmutation station, dummies, etc and a lot of good vibes.

We meet in discord and whatsapp, I leave the link for whoever wants to join. Thank you in advance for allowing me to post to this beautiful community."


See you at Tamriel XD
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