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Riding Crop item for the Quick Wheel

One thing I've always hated about Cyrodiil is how long it takes to ride everywhere. Sure, we have Rapid Maneuver which is great, but it is incredibly clunky and not solo/small friendly because you have to sacrifice a skill slot, and you are almost guaranteed to be stuck in combat until you leave Cyrodiil so it can be tricky to unslot.

Can we have an item introduced to the game that can be slotted on the Quick Wheel that provides Major Gallup?

This would be much easier to manage and way less frustrating! @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_BrianWheeler
  • Telel
    There's a couple of add-ons that let you swap the skill on and off your bar Either automatically or with a key press. The latter being what khajiit prefers.

    Also a good time to mention that back in the 'old' days you had to dismount to use retreating manouvers. WHich actually made trips take longer despite its duration.
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  • geonsocal
    console users would love a quickslot feature for achieving major gallup...

    I ride like crazy yo get to a fight and have to hope I can find a quiet spot before I'm engaged so I can switch out rapids...

    hmmmmm, remember the good ol' days when rapids worked on allies and not just group members...

    sure seems like zos really hates solo players...
    Edited by geonsocal on January 22, 2021 5:38PM
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  • Kwoung
    Whats wrong with just slotting Rapids if you consider it important? Apparently, you don't feel it is important if you are "sacrificing" another skill for it. Personally, I have it backbarred in slot 5 when running solo/small group, our regular group simply has a person dedicated to it.
    Edited by Kwoung on January 21, 2021 7:16AM
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