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Practical Mysticism. Unknown structure located in the Void.

The Thirty-Six Lessons of Vivec, Sermon Seventeen - "They walked farther and saw the spiked waters at the edge of the map. Here the spirit of limitation gifted them with a spoke and bade them find the rest of the wheel"; "We must not act and speak as if asleep".
The Truth in Sequence: Volume 3 - "In the clumsily built Nirn-Prior, the et'Ada Gears left gaps and crevices where Nothing could take root. Imperfections born from Lorkhan's Great Lie and the selfishness of fractured creation. In the glorious Anuic convergence of the Nirn-Ensuing, all gaps will be sealed. All crevices will be welded".
Sotha Sil and the Scribe - "The Light of Knowledge could give courage to Prisoners, but never to the Scribe.".
Sotha Sil - "The Prisoner wields great power, making reality of metaphor. We will need you before the end. Look around you. All of this exists because it must exist. I stand here, in this place, in this moment, not because I wish to, but because I have to. A result of action and consequence. The Prisoner must apprehend two critical insights. First, they must face the reality of their imprisonment. They must see the determinative walls - the chains of causality that bind them to their course. The Prisoner must see the door to their cell. They must gaze through the bars and perceive that which exists beyond causality. Beyond time. Only then can they escape. If the people of Tamriel must exist inside this cell. I will make sure that the walls are stable, the gaps are sealed, and all who remain stay safe within it".
Reality & Other Falsehoods - "To master Alteration, first accept that reality is a falsehood. There is no such thing. Our reality is a perception of greater forces impressed upon us for their amusement. Some say that these forces are the gods, other that they are something beyond the gods".

Ok, as Vivec said it, we must not act and speak as if off-line ;)). In my recent travels to the edge of the Reach through the gaps and crevices left by the et'Ada Gears and still not closed by Sotha Sil and the spirit of limitation :), among all the "Imperfections born from Lorkhan's Great Lie and the selfishness of fractured creation" I have found an interesting "imperfection" you see on the pictures. It's a round building full of ice, frozen people and an altar in the middle of it. A false one, of course. As false as the very Markarth located at a place we all got used to, while the real Markarth we all walk in is located in.. :)). Ok, it's in Craglorn, actually, with the Sandy Path wayshrine located right in the middle of the city. Some of you might have already seen it, and as the chief et'Ada said it, the truth in Elder Scrolls, primarily, is what you saw on the screen, so, you know what you have seen :). The structure of the world the et'Ada created for us is amazing, indeed. As amazing as it is beautiful and horrific the same time.

The fellow colleagues of the School of Mysticism won't let me lie here - so many objects of the Void are the copies of those we see in Nirn. I don't know why did the et'Ada placed that icy cavern there, what observer was intended to see it, so it's original copy should certainly be located somewhere in Tamriel, but I can't recall what this place could ever be. I was thinking of some certain locations either in Western Skyrim or Wrothgar, but can't recall anything similar. So, here I ask if the fellow mages and adventurers recognize it. Thank you!

  • Eporem
    Kjenstag Ruins maybe...

    A quest in Western Skyrim

    Or maybe this is not what you meant :) I never know sometimes what you mean in asking - you have seen this place in the Void?

    Edited by Eporem on January 18, 2021 2:02AM
  • Aigym_Hlervu
    Yes, absolutely correct, Eporem, it's a false Kjenstag ruins, thank you! Ah, I should have guessed it myself - there was a false Old Mjolen's hut (though the food inside was quite real) with her false boat placed on the ground with no water around nearby, so I should have made a parallel. But sometimes right thoughts need a reason to come to mind - such a reason as your observation. Thanks, mate!
  • Aigym_Hlervu
    Eporem wrote: »
    Or maybe this is not what you meant :) I never know sometimes what you mean in asking - you have seen this place in the Void?

    Have just noticed your edit. No-no, you got it right :). What do I mean? I'd better show you ;). The first picture is Markarth we all see when we come to the Reach. It's the "false" one in fact. On the other two pictures is the real Markarth we all enter once we open the doors of that city. As you see it on the global map, it's located in Craglorn, quite far away from the place it should be, but still it is located in the "Void" of the Reach quite far away and we all teleport there once we hit the city doors. Same thing is with some other off-world objects like that Kjenstag ruins - I found the false one but could not remember where could I see it originally.

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