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Returning player seek advice to magicka class

Hello there. I have not played ESO for like 2 years. Then I desided to try it out again.

So yesterday I was thinking perhaps I should try another class. I have played a lot on my Argonian Warden and he will not be droped but just to have something to change between same goes for my orc.
I therefor seek an advice to the class

I like to play HM-trials with my guild. But its not to find what is the best class, its more to find out others opinions about a fun class before I choose my 3th toon to play on, now I have been away from the game for years. Else I normally used to make overland content so om not this hardcore dude just want to play on it for trials

A little note is "I hate the look on vampires in ESO so the class should have some stats on its own" because it will not become one

I will be happy if you would take a litte time to describe "why this class" so I have something to think about when I deside. the race is choosen

Else continue have a wonderful sunday
Like Argonians for being Lizards so Awesome to acturly play as favorite fantacy race in a MMO

Race: Argonian
Class: Warden
Name: Saliandros

  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Vampires have changed — the passives are bad now, so people in endgame PvE mainly use it for Blood for Blood

    I personally recommend Templars because they have a great execute that is super fun (to me), which Wardens don't have. It would definitely feel very different, but similar in having good self-heals. They're great at melee, but can play ranged just as well, with a lot of skill choices

    As far as what's competitive, Necromancers are very meta right now. Their skills and rotation are very similar to Wardens to me, and their sustain depends on you timing the rotation just right. Colossus' debuff is awesome for things like vSS where you need to burst groups of enemies quickly. Good AoE damage and group support class.

    MagDKs have the most unique build out there atm using Elf Bane, which makes all their DoTs last 5 seconds longer, so you can lay your DoTs down and just whip whip whip

    Sorcs offer nice utility, providing Minor Prophecy and Major Berserk to groupmembers, and Crystal Frags gives them a unique rotation that focuses more on direct damage than DoTs

    You could also ask your guildmates what role they feel is most in demand
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
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